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Lección de Vida #1

*sigh… I don’t know what reason I had to seriously consider dropping blogging for good? And I almost just did… *tsk *tsk

I officially conclude that I am mentally unstable, and hence have started taking backup of all the available digital print I have created so far and saved it elsewhere many where… lol *awkward chuckle*

As the post label says, I have almost nothing useful to put up over here… So it’s just me ranting in a professional manner?

I did my AMCAT on Saturday… It was mind soothing actually?! 

There was this round called *Automata*, got 2 questions. Allowed to code in C,C++ or Java. All of which I wasn’t all that familiar with… *sigh. Took up all of the 75 mins to solve one and partially solve the other (in C ofc). I still have my internals going on? And I am drowning myself with all that linked list in C has to offer me…

That aside, in order that I have something connected with what I have mentioned in the post label/title, I have this story that I came up with when I was high on self-analyzing…for the past few days and I think it is polished enough for public display…? So here it goes?

Once upon a time, there was a Mad Scientist, I am gonna be a sexist and name him *Girl* keep track of it okay, who was very interested in collecting Data. Data regarding everything under the sun got him high. And ofc just like how most of us have preferences and priorities in what interests themselves, this Girl liked the tried-tested way of collecting Data. And the Data regarding the general flow of life interested him the most. He knew that, cause it was the only reason why he never stuck a knife through himself whenever he used one to cut the vegetables for dinner.

Right from when he was small, he always managed to come up with wired concepts and managed to back them up with reasonable, legal and applicable experiments to test it out on live subjects. This Girl always tested these concepts on Rats, since they were always around him and almost always easily available. He always used the Rats and discarded them when he deemed them useless after the experiment was done. Because he believed with all his Data, that more than one experiment can’t be applied on a single Rat, until one Rat happened.

This Rat was different from all the other Rats. Whatever this Girl did to it: hurt it, fondle it, scar it, feed it, let it run in a maze blind or anything you can possibly imagine being done to a Rat … the Rat came back to him forgetting almost everything, and he liked that. The power he had over that Rat, the amount of information he was able to cultivate with just one Rat was so mesmerizing that little did he realize that he was slowly becoming an addict to the Rat, and the thoughts related to the Rat was controlling him into evolving into a Data collecting lunatic with almost no moral.

Not one day passed by, with him not thinking about a wired experiment that could possibly destroy the Rat from the inside, and be finding legal means to implementing it. There was this interesting experiment he based on when the Rat underwent a surgery. A pretty delicate surgery. It was then when the Rat became void. It wasn’t reacting to what he was doing and he was frustrated, finding out where he went wrong if there was anything that he missed … cause it hit this Girl heavily in the gut when he finally realized that he felt something for the Rat! And it was humane, unlike the rest of his thought process.

Everything almost fell from then on, he ripped the Rat outta his system rendering the Rat almost dead cause he feared the amount of control the Rat had over his thoughts, which gave himself some time moving away from the routine that he had gotten accustomed to over a period of 2-3 years. He realized that he didn’t like the aftertaste of what he did and swore to himself that he will never do it again. But then, we all know how addiction works and so did our little Mad Scientist: Withdrawal Symptoms, and he was trying his best to prepare himself for it.

This Girl did prepare for the worst, and life did treat him kindly. But he started feeling things. And he wasn’t able to control it. He wasn’t getting comfortable with this new development of thought process. So what did he do? Well, this was all he could do: with all that he knew and collected over the years it was time to implement it. And there you have it the first withdrawal effect: This Girl started experimenting on himself. And it was going okay. At least at first.

Okay, that’s it for today, I’ll probably post the continuation sometime later? Don’t read too deep into the story… after all, it is but a story 😛 and is based on this character…Yokoya Norihiko from Liar Game!

Personal note to the future me… If I re-read this post again which I have a feeling I will?

┬┴┬┴┤๑•́ㅿ•̀๑) ᔆᵒʳʳᵞ

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