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Android Studio Post #4 @(・ꈊ・)@


With the basics done, I think I’ll put up a few pics of how to insert a sidebar and images… A gallery along with some toast messages maybe?

So, this is gonna be a new project. What I have done is: I created a project with the Navigation Drawer Activity. And the basic template is slowly transformed… very slowly transformed into iconic labels that open up fragmented activity maybe? I put a few images into the res folder, used a few predefined icons that were available, Well basically I just ended up playing with this thing all over again… *sigh So this is what I have done… Not much but enough for me to be occupied for almost an hour…*awkward chuckle*

So this was what I started with, I chose that layout and this was what I was endowed with!



I don’t know why that mail icon is annoying me, but the first thing I did was to remove it … *sigh


So with that outta the way, I looked through a few sites and realized that this is what is to be done to get what I wanted, surprisingly I am actually having a mental picture of the end product for a change? Okay, so some change to the sidebar and that green thing? Colour change?


I dropped it…



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