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Android Studio Post #3 ⋋(๑☌▽☌๑)⋌

Something Basic for today? I hope this is basics enough, I think I worked on this initially.

I really don’t know what to do. I just Googled Android Studio and I got well… A lot of well-described info? So this post is just gonna be some pics. I also kinda don’t have time… since a certain someone was nagging me to do myself a favor by preparing for the internals that is going on… *sigh So here it goes, I guess?

How to start the Application I guess?

My system hanged since a lot of background processes are running, so the screenshot of that will be updated like later…maybe?

A little something on Intents and Button transition since I don’t feel that this is enough info for a Basics post? This includes a little of Java coding (a concept called intent) and placing of objects in the XML file. Maybe I’ll color the background according to the button name?

Maybe I should have used different layout for each of the Actitvity?

Okay, I think it’s best to leave this place before I end up getting high on this… *sigh me and my wired infatuations… So later maybe..?

link – The lame excuse of a project?
link – Official page that might help you to find your way through in beginning your app?

┌(┌ 廿-廿)┐


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