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Random Language Exploited #4

Ruby is a dynamic, object-oriented and reflective programming language. There are so many free and paid tutorials on the internet for learning Ruby. I used as much as I can of all of those available tutorials and well… I managed to come up with enough content to post under this label. I am still on the hunt of all those Android Studio notes, I probably might have discarded them… *sigh

So that being said, why did I learn Ruby? Besides the fact that I was jobless enough to bother myself with another language, we happened to have a workshop on RubyOnRails (Life wasn’t treating me properly at that time so I never attended it… *awkward chuckle*). So since I missed it and since almost all of my class went for it (just so that they can bunk the class) I thought I’ll collect data on it. I thought they were the same, I wasn’t that off the mark though…?

So what’s the difference? Well, for starters Ruby is a programming language and ROR is a FullStack web development framework thing? Not much different right? Ruby was the language used to build ROR and a bunch of other supplementaries? I hope I am not that far from the actual thing?

So that is the founder of the language? Somehow almost all who made a language happen to think of the same thing? This kinda had me wondering about our Natural Language with all its varieties?

I came across these notes I made when I was learning this language while I was searching for the Android Studio notes that I am pretty sure I made … *sigh and well I thought why not and well this post is made I guess?

Since the time allotted for this post is almost done, I will move on and put up the few links that I used, and well help yourself … maybe?


link – TutorialsPoint
link – PDF
link – Mad Scientists Notes
link – Link to the YouTube Playlist that I downloaded.


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