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Android Studio Post #2 (๑ↀᆺↀ๑)

Android is an open source and Linux-based operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Android was developed by the Open Handset Alliance, led by Google, and other companies. Android programming is based on Java programming language so if you have a basic understanding in Java programming then it will be a fun to learn Android application development. Or so I was told?




I found a bunch of Android this and Android that… in this link and almost all the links that I found … So I am gonna skip that…?

How to install and check if it is properly working? I kinda vaguely remember that I had a bunch of probs when I first installed Android Studio. There was a lot of Java path probs, pretty common in Windows Systems I guess? Well, there was something about SDK, JVM path, HAXM, JDK and some random probs. There was a time I seriously considered changing the OS for some time, I think I deleted my then current user, created a new user named Android (which I still use) and then almost everything just fell into place… lol? I am just gonna assess that as one of those windows moments and move on… *sigh

But whatever it was, once installed it worked smooth as whatever-is-supposed-to-be-smooth till now. So yeah good luck on getting it up and running?
Moving on, given any other day I would be more than happy to jot down the things I did to learn Android Studio, but I am gonna be frank and let you know that I don’t remember what I did to get whatever I did? So technically I am just learning the whole thing all over again? *sigh…
I am just gonna give myself more time to find those lost mad scientists notes and put it up here as an update… if I remember about it ?
link – Windows

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