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Android Studio Post #1 (◕ᴥ◕)

I am not sure what made me choose this kinda layout for this post, probably has some hidden message for the future me to have something to laugh at?

Okay, So why Android Studio? Well, I am moving on from Psychology and maybe that has got a major role as to why I will be putting up some creepy quotes up in all the posts to follow? And Android Studio was something I learnt in college for the lab. I even managed to do a few projects? Maybe I will use this time to put a few projects disected as much as possible? So that I don’t forget what I tinkered with. I will be using github… probably?

How will this series be? Well I am planning for it to be less time consuming, cause I have something going on that is demanding a lot more than actually planned brain space… so yeah… these will be way too short for my liking. You can probably find a few links that I used to learn this tech on my own prior to being taught at college? And some ranodomized rantings that will be tunned down so that I don’t end up annoying myself and aide me in deciding to drop blogging for good?!

So Android Studio. You probably need to know Java… a lot if you wanna work with Android Studio atleast? Well thers Java for the logic of the activity and XML for the basic layouts. You could probably run code of other langs and from libraries by wrapping them up or something along those lines. I have done that once after managing to fail like miserably for a few times. I think that will be the final project that I will manage to disect under this label.

So for now, I am just gonna go search where I have the copies of the projects, and maybe if I am lucky enough I might also find some notes that I made while learning this… well you know, just my usual mad scientists notes? And well, below are few links that you should probably give a light reading if you wanna grasp the theory concepts of Android programming by its horns?

link – Someone’s blog
link – EBook,  that I used?
link – Youtube playlist that I downloaded!


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