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Filler Post #7 Lost track of time in reality 。・゚ヾ(✦థ ェ థ)ノ。゚・。

So I was a little busy going about ordering something at the machine-level and started to go to a semi-deluded state which was getting overhead after some time… super over the head conception that it managed to escape my head leaving me for good? with a frozen brain in its place?

So what do I have for today? Well, I am just gonna stall for the next post which will be the final one under that God-forsaken label that’s been giving me a headache in a good way… probably? 

(≖ლ≖๑ )フ

Moving on, I was looking through a few things online, regarding a few concepts that are still unclear to me (this is for the placements) and I got diverted and redirected through a lot of sites, well I just remembered how ,not so long ago, when I was just looking through the web in no particular direction and just happened to pick up a few things in the process…


I started with this site ended up here then moved back into random facts and some DS simultaneously followed by dissecting some logic of strings (since I was pampered with the gracefulness showered by Python) … and then I don’t know what happened I was staring at the system for quite some time at this?

I think that is the system’s way of telling me to take it one at a time and not go all out into whatever I am doing?.. *sigh

Well, I am gonna rest for today?… probably? Or I’ll just go easy on my brain and do some competitive programming if my brain allows it? in C maybe? I have fallen sick (that was not the plan though…*sigh), so I’ll probably take it easy on me today?


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