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Psychology Post #6 Being Blind in a Dead Man’s Chest !

I hope this common saying is as common as I expect it to be?

Looking at this image on my FB wall had me wondering is there all there is to it? And then this random statement – being blind in a dead man’s chest – kinda popped in my head and I thought why not…? Not like anything under this particular label actually made any sense, to begin with… And since the theme of my thought process matched with this label, lo and behold the post was made !!!


Okay, so all randomness aside, let me just strip myself off of that small integrity that I hold so dear and jot down exactly what is going on in my mind right now!!! Extremely overhead contents are to be expected with almost absolutely no sense at whatever angle you can muster yourself to look at this post with… So save yourself the pain and switch over to some other post or label even.


I see that you are pretty determined to read whatever is over here without heeding to my kinda weirdly framed warning… But it is your call, and I totally respect that! 

So, just to make it sound truer to the label as well as to that normal standard of thoughts that I live up to, let me try and find a pattern with the given statement – being blind in a dead man’s chest . Before I do that I should probably let you know of my way of thought processing.

When given a particular idea dissection will probably help, relating it to other similar entities will help… and definitely having a broader mind will help… probably? It has helped me so far, I think?

Did you see that? What I did there? No? Well, I didn’t either… probably? See… I did that again…lol My apologies for being high on oxygen… *sigh

Blind man in a dead man’s chest? Dead Man’s Chest? The movie? I don’t remember a blind man there? I am not entirely sure if I can count one of that dude with the eyeball? That eyeball that happens to be one of the nine pieces of Eight of the Hector Barbossa to free the Calypso?

But whatever, this was what I got when I asked around?

Darkness everywhere whether ur in the chest or outside it… But to someone who can see and sense would find it suffocating… The blind man wouldn’t unless he actually experiences it and not from any fear


A soulless person can only afford indifferent people


Even though the person is dead !! A soul which cant see anything or do anything is not dead ryte! ? That soul can be referred to as the “blind man” in this statement 
So this soul even after a man’s death will still be alive


I can relate to India being the blind man Dead planet’s chest Asia sort of Country keeps getting blinded often Cool… So politics or economy? Both, I say Everything Sports Olympics Brain drain n stuff ...So you took being blind as not being aware… And the dead man’s chest as some kinda treasure stuff? Yeas Blind more like blinded by Aaand Dead man’s chest like Heart of a dead planet Like dying earth Smokers chest Global warming


The chest is the Man’s heart … So I will say that the dead man cared for the blind dude before he died? At first when I read it sounded kinda evil, but on more thought, I wasn’t able to word the feels… so there you have a touchy feely response…You are psychoanalyzing me, aren’t you?


I think it doesn’t matter, blind or not blind, you’re never gonna know what you’re gonna get. I don’t think that it’s darkness whether you’re in the chest or not, it’s the fact that people are void of their senses. This impairs their sense of judgement. I guess we live in a world of treasure and we really don’t know what to do with it.

Well as you can see that is how deep a random thought can get… That was just a few of my colleagues, this other dude refused ~took some extra time~ to answer (we ended up speaking about a penguin and how they slap and wear a tux?… Not sure how they were linked… they were probably not?)  and another was confidential (Something along the lines of Jar of Dirt… *sigh)?!


So what are my thoughts? Well, simple. It is something that I am probably already implementing in my life… might not be simple? It’s more like stupid! Well, moving on… My point is what is a blind person doing in a dead man’s chest? What is usually in a dead man’s chest? Isn’t it always some sort of treasure (Or else why would we as people be interested in a dead man’s chest?) So does that mean the blind dude is a treasure? worth locking up in a chest buried or sunken? I don’t think so? Or maybe the dead man is a psycho?

Did you see the point? It was kinda evident there, I think? To be able to portray yourself as ignorant and as harmless and as oddball as possible in a totally out of place situation helps you to grow as a human! I think I am talking about something called the Observation skills? Cause just because the person is blind doesn’t mean that he can’t sense where the treasure is? (I think my paranoia is kicking in?)  Maybe that was why he was locked up in the chest? That extremely paranoid dead dude?

You get to have a better understanding of the way of the human mind, and that helps you to spend your most valued possessions in an effective way. I am not the type to attack people when they let their guards down, I have always related myself to the kind hearted one that kinda manages to help even when they refuse to accept it, probably without them being aware of it? At least when you manage to get off on the right foot with me? I think I should get back to work before I start ranting over here?



I have realized just now that I have been asking around “Being blind in a dead man’s chest” and “Blind man in a dead man’s chest”, so that was why I got some philosophical and some down to earth answers?

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