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Rant Alert #6 (≖ლ≖๑ )フ

So this is gonna be a bit daring, but I guess I am more of a risk taker so why not… might as well do it?

So what has been going on lately…? As a final year student from south India, we have this norm where we are tested if we are eligible for the corporate world. I am not in favour of their screening methods, but then again it kinda gave me a taste of what to expect from the corporate world, either they don’t have the time to search for quality work or they have an altogether different level of scale they use for finding quality colleagues… *sigh

So I get to attend the Maveric Systems like tomorrow (fingers crossed) and I am preparing for it. 

I thought it is about time I rant about the companies that I am gonna attend for over here so that I can figure out if I can actually manage to do work in the said domain if the money factor and the pressurising relatives are not involved (the relatives including all those that legally share my blood).

What does Maveric offer? So far from what I know it is a 15-year-old company that has branches spread majorly over Asia (on a major assumption that Arabia is still part of Asia, been a while since I have seen the world news hopefully they haven’t partitioned it yet), they specialise in Quality Assurance and Testing various products belonging to Banking, Insurance and Telecommunications.

A quick note on what is QA&T – A quality assurance system is said to increase customer confidence and a company’s credibility, to improve work processes and efficiency, and to enable a company to better compete with others. Quality assurance was initially introduced in World War II when munitions were inspected and tested for defects after they were made. Today’s quality assurance systems emphasise catching defects before they get into the final product. Testing includes activities that ensure the identification of bugs/error/defects in a software.

Sounds like a pretty interesting job, I have always managed to locate and fix those annoying little buggers from googled codes, and what’s more they even train you to do it for a whole year followed by an intern at their company!!!

I really like how they approach the process of hand picking the set of underlings they are willing to nurture in order to have a quality workspace. They have this 4-year bond that includes one whole year with a trimester of studying and a stipend of 20K (I think not sure of the exact amount), one year of intern same money (more or less depending on your performance on the course they fully sponsor at LIBA) and 2 years of working with kinda overly friendly environment… I mean they showed a promo video of their company and I am just gonna take their verbal acclamation that they also happen to do work…


Now that I seem to actually want to work for the mentioned  company, I will have to prepare for the company. I don’t know how much info is too much info at the moment, but we were circulated a brochure which said that I will be facing a Group Discussion, General Aptitude, Technical Interview and an HR round. I don’t know what to prepare for the GD, currently looking through the InShorts app for some world news?

A personal note to the company, I kinda pictured the company as an anime character and that guy from Tumblr popped outta nowhere so I just went with the flow? I am really sorry if you have been offended on a professional/personal level, please feel free to voice your thoughts on that, I’ll make sure that I get back to you at the earliest possible?


I hope you have a nice day!!!


And for my restless mind – link

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