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Psychology Post #1 Inside Out?

What better way to start the way of thinking of the human brain besides the Pixar film that went the extra mile and captured as to how it would be if feelings had feelings!

When I was seven years old, some well-meaning lady adult asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Proudly, I said: “An artist.” “No, you don’t,” she said, “You can’t make a living being an artist!”

Ofc, that is all that matters … to make a living… *sigh
My little seven-year-old Picasso dreams were crushed. But I gathered myself, went off in search of a new dream, eventually settling on being a scientist, perhaps something like the next Albert Einstein.

I have always loved math and science, later, coding. And so I decided to study computer programming in college. In my junior year, during my computer graphics course, I saw this wonderful short film and how a movie was made. It was the first computer animation process I had ever seen. I watched these films in wonder, transfixed, fireworks going off in my head, thinking, “That is what I want to do with my life.” The idea that all the math, science and code I had been learning could come together to create these worlds and characters and stories I connected with, was pure magic for me.

So what captivated me? Let me start with Pixar. It was here I learned how they actually execute those films. To create a movie, they create a three-dimensional world inside the computer. Then they start with a point that makes a line that makes a face that creates characters, or trees and rocks that eventually become a forest. And because it’s a three-dimensional world, they can move a camera around inside that world. I was fascinated by all of it. But then I got my first taste of lighting. Remember my work with Blender ?

Lighting in practice is placing lights inside this three-dimensional world. I actually have icons of lights I move around in there. Once I’ve managed to add a light, I start turning on the rough version of lighting in our software, turn on shadows and placing the light at an angle. As I place a light, I think about what it might look like in real life, but balance that out with what we need artistically and for the story.

There’s this moment in lighting that made me fall utterly in love with it. It’s the moment where all the pieces come together, and suddenly the world comes to life as if it’s an actual place that exists. This moment never gets old, especially for that little seven-year-old girl that wanted to be an artist.

So what did I infer from this trail of thought?
Well, besides the fact that becoming a lighting artist is just not for a self-learner who is short on time, I realized that there is always more to what a picture tells, be it a snap or a movie or your daily life which you happen to share with other fellow human/animal/other beings depends on the placing of light. The proper point of light with just the right amount of exposure and agility.
If you are thinking the lighting is all fine in your life then I recommend that you rethink again using these pictures?

So what did I equate this lighting to? This lighting that brings just about the right feels into the surrounding is it how you look at things? I believe that is the cameras job (Your eyes to be specific?). I am not telling you to see the world through a DSLR all I am saying is that we should learn to see the world in a new light, a new perspective to be precise.
An example of perspective? In the book Take a Snail out for a Walk, author Chiang wrote that God gave him a responsibility to take a snail out for a walk. The snail walked so slowly that he could not tolerate it. He complained and did not like the snail. But then he smelled the fragrance of the flowers, he heard the birds sing and the insects buzz. He got a chance to look at the sky and see the stars. He realized that his perspective was wrong. God did not give him the task of taking the snail out for a walk; God told the snail to take Chiang for a walk.
I hope it makes sense… well if it doesn’t then you are not that far from understanding what goes on in my mind …
(⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄)

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