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WebTech Post #9 PHP & MySQL

I am not sure if I should be surprised or glum by the fact that I successfully managed to overlook the back end of my website !!! I have also managed to loose interest here so this will most probably be rushed just like the previous few posts… *sigh

It looks like I have mentioned a little something about the PHP console that WAMP provides and the MySQL that it is usually is clamped with… Nothing much but almost as important as the breath in your lungs? So that being said, I’ll make sure that I do a PHP only and MySQL only posts soon so that I can know that I have a broader view on these two kinda outdated techs.

So PHP-7 is the latest version of PHP which is used by the recently updated and used in WAMP, I had some trouble with that since almost all of my DB connecting and data manipulation commands were deprecated. Not much change, just the root functions name (mysql -> mysqli) and an extra parameter that points to the DB that I need to connect with for almost all of the functions.


I would like to do a case study on the licet site that I made but I am not sure if there is any integrity fault with that train of thought, So I will make a simpler site with easier UI and simple data manipulations and get over and done with this as an edit in the future.

Maybe I should put this under a new label that says that this needs an edit?


To learn about PHP and MySQL as a separate entity:

W3School – link
TutorialsPoint – link link

To create website using these two

YouTube – link
Source Code – link
PHP & MySQL – link

So with this I am gonna wind up with WebTech, it kinda felt a bit too draggy for me. Must because I never learnt anything new … but it still managed to take too much of my time?
ʕ ಡ ﹏ ಡ ʔ

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