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Wow… My 100th post?!

Feeling a little satisfied since at least some things are still unchanged and going according to plan, so let me go ahead and try to dissect my blog’s logic into a comprehendible post like I had previously mentioned that I would…

So, 100th post in under 7 months?! And I am not even a full-time blogger. Okay maybe a few of the posts are just plain copy paste from some amazingly cool sites (I am still working on a page that is similar to the contents page to display from which all pages I plagiarized the contents, It will be up in a few months maybe close to December??) overlooking that I am gonna congratulate myself for coming so far …


I am gonna start with the blog name and the blog URL. I don’t know if you have already noticed the blog’s name has Daunting and the URL  has Dauntless? Sounds like the blog is gonna be no more doesn’t it? Well, it did to me when I saw it today. So what’s the logic? Well, I was new to blogging and speaking my mind on digital space, And I wanted some very unique name that is not search-engine friendly (I value my personal space a lot) and voila I stumbled over these two words.

So the blog was initially considered to be named as Dynamic Newbie but there was a blog similar to that, So I recursively found synonyms for it until it clicked that this is what it is gonna be? 

So the URL well, Daunting also meant fearful or scared, so the URL became soon to be fearless cause I will soon know enough content to be technically sound for a person my age, which was the initial motive for the blog. I hope I have done some justice over there? *awkward chuckle*

So that said, let’s look at some stats?

The India one is probably just me trying to find out what tweak in my blog’s HTML code corresponds to what on the blog.

I have gotten a few Anonymous comments over the past few months, It would help me sleep better if you identify yourself like now, But I do respect privacy and all, so… uhm… I just wanted to put it out there I guess?


I noticed that I have included a lot of JS on my site to make it look a bit more interesting (initially for myself) or something along those lines? I have gotten them most from this site So I hope it helps you also in case you want a messy blog like mine?

I also happen to notice that my kaomoji’s are not properly visible on different systems… I really like them, though 😦 I am thinking of placing images of them from now on? Or maybe I should just settle for memes or gifs or some other form of icebreaker that portrays what the non-technical me thinks while typing that which is typed here?

Just a little Heads up… The postings are gonna get random until I get stabilized with what is happening around me over here, I hope I successfully finish the WebTech Blog before I move on to something else which I have been planning to do for some time? Something involving SAP my dream company… I hope I qualify for it?

I think I will work on the Home Page like tomorrow, I still haven’t gotten a proper picture of what I want to display, let’s just hope that I come up with something before I get serious with my Job Search !


2 thoughts on “Wow… My 100th post?!

  1. Thanks Sis, for being there especially when I thought I wouldn't need anyone else besides myself to survive 😉 I would have dropped this if it weren't for you Anonymous guys …φ(゚ ω゚//)♡


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