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WebTech Post #6 JS

I know I have already done a pure JS series. But there are things that I haven’t bothered to mention over there for the lack of professionalism in me. So here goes nothing I guess…

So JavaScript happens to be the behavior of our site (in accordance to the assumption that HTML happens to be the Content of the site and CSS the presentation of the site.) What do I mean by behavior? Behavior is how the web site, you have managed to create,  reacts to the user inputs and other system compatibility.

I am not gonna post much over here, cause I have something else that needs more looking into or so I have been told…*sigh. But what I put over here hopefully will help me in the future? So what have I learnt today, is that JS can be best understood by using the Web Developer tool, that is available on very browser that supports JS animation in general.

Some links that I used to work on my sites (mostly the blog):

Online Book
Online Site

For the Portal I used more of PHP cause all of the *Behavior* that was needed shouldn’t be visible to the client/end-user. Though there were some JS code for the page transition and display, there is not much of interesting logic in it.

On a lighter note look through this site and maybe it will be enough to know how powerful JS is as a web programming language.

( ̄┏Д┓ ̄ )

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