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WebTech Post #2 Synopsis

If you are planning to maintain a Website, then you would require a specific set of skills. This skillset can be endless because today, there are numerous technologies available and many are coming everyday. So you have to plan and affirm on any one of the available technologies and go ahead for your project.

This is not required that you should have knowledge of all the listed skills. If you want to develop a simple Website, then you would needs just first four skills listed here. Rest of the skills are required if you want to go for a bigger and more interactive Website.

Computer Operations – All you need to know is how to operate a computer – Windows, Linux or Macintosh. This depends on which Web Server you want to host your website. So you should have basic knowledge of that system only. You should be well acquainted of basic operations like creating file, deleting file, updating file, directory creation, file permission etc. I used NotePad++ amd UCBrowser for the file organization on the hosting on local server in windows OS.

Remote Access – Most of the times your Web Server will be accessed from remote site only. You should be well aware how to connect a computer from remote site. So at least you should have basic knowledge of telnet utility to connect to a remote machine. There are many service providers who will provide you control panel to manage your Website. Well, I kinda used WAMP server and tried XAMP but something went faulty when I tried hosting both of them together so I stuck with WAMP on the local server and moved on to Hostinger site when I felt that I should host it.

File Uploading & Downloading – As I told you most of the times your Web Server will be on remote site. So you would need to upload and download all the files related to your Website. So at least you should have basic knowledge of FTP utility to connect to a remote machine and download or upload your files. Almost service providers give you facility to upload your files on your Web server.I used phpMyAdmin for the file organization on the hosting server.

HTML / XHTML Knowledge – These are the markup languages which you will use to build your website. So you should have good understanding on these languages. This is like the main coding language of the website that you are about to develop.

CSS Knowledge – Cascading Style Sheet knowledge is required to achieve many results which are not possible through HTML or XHTML. I use the recommended and the standard ones like the W3C and the bootstraps CSS. They are pretty neat and goes easy on the eye and the ups the UX.

PHP Script – Now-a-days many sites are being developed using PHP language. This script helps you to create an interactive Website. I used PHP to link the site to the database(MySQL) to retrieve and manipulate the data.

PERL Script – PERL is another language which is being highly used to develop interactive Web Applications. This is an alternative to PHP, but since I had already done a post on Perl I thought I will do a post which is more web development oriented.

Java or VB Scripts – These scripts are required to perform user level validations and to add more interactivity in your Website. So a web developer is desired to have knowledge of any of the client side scripts. Authentication and stuff are usually done using this. Provides an OOPS way of doing thing I guess?

AJAX Technology – This is the latest technology in the web. Google and Yahoo are using this technology to give a better browsing experience to their site visitors. I haven’t used it like ever. It was me sem practical question and I was blank as a sheet. So yeah I thought I will learn at least now… *awkward chuckle*

ASP or JSP – These are another technologies to be used to develop interactive Websites. Helps to make more responsive sites. Gives a more fluid thing to the site. Basically increases the UI and UX of the site which is highly recommended.

Flash Knowledge – You can plan to use Macromedia Flash to build your Website. This is a bit time consuming to learn this technology but once you learnt then you can develop very beautiful and attractive websites using Flash. What’s a site with no design? Absolutely nothing (well, according to me…)!!! So a little something on what can be used to build a decorative site.

HTTP Protocol – As you grow you are desired to have more knowledge about Web. So I would suggest you to go through the web backbone i.e. HTTP protocol as well. A little something extra that you will need if you really wanna master the art of tweaking your way through the hosting of a web developed from scratch.

So that’s the plan so far I guess? I heard that it would help me to pen down a few thing instead of going with  a flow.

ƪ(˘︷ ˘)و


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