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WebTech Post #1 Overview of what is to be done

Okay so Web Technologies that are used to develop the front and the back of a fluid website is what I am going for over here… Hopefully I make sense for the next few posts!

To start developing the web first you will have to have a sound knowledge on the internet jargon…. like the Internet, Internet based services, WWW, HTTP/HTTPS, URL, Websites and Webpages and the like…

I am not gonna go into the basic of what makes the Internet so Internet-ty but if you want a quick crash-course on what term is used under what meaning then I suggest you exploit the info provided in this link

So that being said, What you will most probably (in case something else turns up) find here (and the posts to follow) are a bunch of things (the various components involved in the design and development of a functional and responsive site) related to web designing and web development that I learnt when I started making a site.

I chose this over the Cinema4D post series that I have been planning for quite some time cause I have things going on and most of them are kinda getting on my nerves and I don’t seem to have enough time to thoroughly exploit something that demands more attention in this time period … So I guess Cinema4D will have to wait…. a month or 2 maybe?

And since this is about web techs I will most probably do a documentation on this blog that I am maintaining, when my 100th post comes … I am at 91 I think?

This is supposed to be a filler post that tells the basics of the web development technologies but whatever I wanted to tell are already spelt out in that link given… So I just switched over to my usual ranting mode I guess?

And well that’s about it … I hope posting on already learnt web techs doesn’t take too much of my preparation time for my placement  .. *sigh Else I will have put a temporary hiatus on the blog and I hope I don’t opt for that.

On a more lighter note My mustaches are turning on pretty swell … 

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