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Game Maker Studio Post #7 Abrupt lost of interest

I was planning on doing some kind of level game that has various interactive objects that look similar to a game that I liked playing on Miniclip. I never thought that I would loose interest…. So since that is the case right now… I don’t know what to do… lol

What I came up with after trying for sometime to come up with something… I thought I’ll just put up a few links here so that I can come back over here when I don’t have as much work as I do now and try to exploit this further and add an edit or something along the lines… The edit being a link to my folder in drive that has a few games that I might have done after sometime… (I lost track of the tense… sorry about that. My brain is currently overloaded since I took two 80 min test in series with no gap in between.)

So until the presumed edit… this is what this post has to offer to the me of the future (hopefully not too way into the future…*sigh)

Assets – link
Ideas – link
YouTube – link

o(^ 灬 ^)o

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