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Rant Alert #6 (≖ლ≖๑ )フ

So this is gonna be a bit daring, but I guess I am more of a risk taker so why not… might as well do it?

So what has been going on lately…? As a final year student from south India, we have this norm where we are tested if we are eligible for the corporate world. I am not in favour of their screening methods, but then again it kinda gave me a taste of what to expect from the corporate world, either they don’t have the time to search for quality work or they have an altogether different level of scale they use for finding quality colleagues… *sigh

So I get to attend the Maveric Systems like tomorrow (fingers crossed) and I am preparing for it. 

I thought it is about time I rant about the companies that I am gonna attend for over here so that I can figure out if I can actually manage to do work in the said domain if the money factor and the pressurising relatives are not involved (the relatives including all those that legally share my blood).

What does Maveric offer? So far from what I know it is a 15-year-old company that has branches spread majorly over Asia (on a major assumption that Arabia is still part of Asia, been a while since I have seen the world news hopefully they haven’t partitioned it yet), they specialise in Quality Assurance and Testing various products belonging to Banking, Insurance and Telecommunications.

A quick note on what is QA&T – A quality assurance system is said to increase customer confidence and a company’s credibility, to improve work processes and efficiency, and to enable a company to better compete with others. Quality assurance was initially introduced in World War II when munitions were inspected and tested for defects after they were made. Today’s quality assurance systems emphasise catching defects before they get into the final product. Testing includes activities that ensure the identification of bugs/error/defects in a software.

Sounds like a pretty interesting job, I have always managed to locate and fix those annoying little buggers from googled codes, and what’s more they even train you to do it for a whole year followed by an intern at their company!!!

I really like how they approach the process of hand picking the set of underlings they are willing to nurture in order to have a quality workspace. They have this 4-year bond that includes one whole year with a trimester of studying and a stipend of 20K (I think not sure of the exact amount), one year of intern same money (more or less depending on your performance on the course they fully sponsor at LIBA) and 2 years of working with kinda overly friendly environment… I mean they showed a promo video of their company and I am just gonna take their verbal acclamation that they also happen to do work…


Now that I seem to actually want to work for the mentioned  company, I will have to prepare for the company. I don’t know how much info is too much info at the moment, but we were circulated a brochure which said that I will be facing a Group Discussion, General Aptitude, Technical Interview and an HR round. I don’t know what to prepare for the GD, currently looking through the InShorts app for some world news?

A personal note to the company, I kinda pictured the company as an anime character and that guy from Tumblr popped outta nowhere so I just went with the flow? I am really sorry if you have been offended on a professional/personal level, please feel free to voice your thoughts on that, I’ll make sure that I get back to you at the earliest possible?


I hope you have a nice day!!!


And for my restless mind – link

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Psychology Post #1 Inside Out?

What better way to start the way of thinking of the human brain besides the Pixar film that went the extra mile and captured as to how it would be if feelings had feelings!

When I was seven years old, some well-meaning lady adult asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Proudly, I said: “An artist.” “No, you don’t,” she said, “You can’t make a living being an artist!”

Ofc, that is all that matters … to make a living… *sigh
My little seven-year-old Picasso dreams were crushed. But I gathered myself, went off in search of a new dream, eventually settling on being a scientist, perhaps something like the next Albert Einstein.

I have always loved math and science, later, coding. And so I decided to study computer programming in college. In my junior year, during my computer graphics course, I saw this wonderful short film and how a movie was made. It was the first computer animation process I had ever seen. I watched these films in wonder, transfixed, fireworks going off in my head, thinking, “That is what I want to do with my life.” The idea that all the math, science and code I had been learning could come together to create these worlds and characters and stories I connected with, was pure magic for me.

So what captivated me? Let me start with Pixar. It was here I learned how they actually execute those films. To create a movie, they create a three-dimensional world inside the computer. Then they start with a point that makes a line that makes a face that creates characters, or trees and rocks that eventually become a forest. And because it’s a three-dimensional world, they can move a camera around inside that world. I was fascinated by all of it. But then I got my first taste of lighting. Remember my work with Blender ?

Lighting in practice is placing lights inside this three-dimensional world. I actually have icons of lights I move around in there. Once I’ve managed to add a light, I start turning on the rough version of lighting in our software, turn on shadows and placing the light at an angle. As I place a light, I think about what it might look like in real life, but balance that out with what we need artistically and for the story.

There’s this moment in lighting that made me fall utterly in love with it. It’s the moment where all the pieces come together, and suddenly the world comes to life as if it’s an actual place that exists. This moment never gets old, especially for that little seven-year-old girl that wanted to be an artist.

So what did I infer from this trail of thought?
Well, besides the fact that becoming a lighting artist is just not for a self-learner who is short on time, I realized that there is always more to what a picture tells, be it a snap or a movie or your daily life which you happen to share with other fellow human/animal/other beings depends on the placing of light. The proper point of light with just the right amount of exposure and agility.
If you are thinking the lighting is all fine in your life then I recommend that you rethink again using these pictures?

So what did I equate this lighting to? This lighting that brings just about the right feels into the surrounding is it how you look at things? I believe that is the cameras job (Your eyes to be specific?). I am not telling you to see the world through a DSLR all I am saying is that we should learn to see the world in a new light, a new perspective to be precise.
An example of perspective? In the book Take a Snail out for a Walk, author Chiang wrote that God gave him a responsibility to take a snail out for a walk. The snail walked so slowly that he could not tolerate it. He complained and did not like the snail. But then he smelled the fragrance of the flowers, he heard the birds sing and the insects buzz. He got a chance to look at the sky and see the stars. He realized that his perspective was wrong. God did not give him the task of taking the snail out for a walk; God told the snail to take Chiang for a walk.
I hope it makes sense… well if it doesn’t then you are not that far from understanding what goes on in my mind …
(⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄)
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WebTech Post #9 PHP & MySQL

I am not sure if I should be surprised or glum by the fact that I successfully managed to overlook the back end of my website !!! I have also managed to loose interest here so this will most probably be rushed just like the previous few posts… *sigh

It looks like I have mentioned a little something about the PHP console that WAMP provides and the MySQL that it is usually is clamped with… Nothing much but almost as important as the breath in your lungs? So that being said, I’ll make sure that I do a PHP only and MySQL only posts soon so that I can know that I have a broader view on these two kinda outdated techs.

So PHP-7 is the latest version of PHP which is used by the recently updated and used in WAMP, I had some trouble with that since almost all of my DB connecting and data manipulation commands were deprecated. Not much change, just the root functions name (mysql -> mysqli) and an extra parameter that points to the DB that I need to connect with for almost all of the functions.


I would like to do a case study on the licet site that I made but I am not sure if there is any integrity fault with that train of thought, So I will make a simpler site with easier UI and simple data manipulations and get over and done with this as an edit in the future.

Maybe I should put this under a new label that says that this needs an edit?


To learn about PHP and MySQL as a separate entity:

W3School – link
TutorialsPoint – link link

To create website using these two

YouTube – link
Source Code – link
PHP & MySQL – link

So with this I am gonna wind up with WebTech, it kinda felt a bit too draggy for me. Must because I never learnt anything new … but it still managed to take too much of my time?
ʕ ಡ ﹏ ಡ ʔ
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WebTech Post #8 Hostinger

I think I will wind up with this post on Web Tech?

Hostinger is a service hosted by an organization which favors the idea that internet must be free so all their products are based on freemium model: they provide basic services free of charge, but a premium is charged for advanced features, functionality and dedicated support. Their passion is to provide simple, affordable, and useful web services that help people unlock the power of the Internet.

Since its establishment in 2004 as sole proprietorship Hostinger Group has grown into a world leading and industry recognized IT services provider, serving millions of customers worldwide and operating hundreds of web servers under management.

They are a fast-growing business worldwide in several industry segments. The combined product portfolio of various Hostinger Group businesses includes: software development, billing and provisioning platforms, server management software, web hosting, domain name registration, virtual private servers, and much more.

Some of them are…

Hostinger link

Hostinger® is a free and affordable premium web hosting services provider and domain registrar. Hostinger has grown from a small web hosting provider into a world leading and industry recognized web hosting brand. Hostinger, UAB is proud to be a part of elite ICANN accredited registrars community. Hostinger has successfully localized services in Indonesia, Philippines, Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Columbia, Russia, Ukraine, and many more countries on their way!

YouHosting link

YouHosting provides unique all-in-one free reseller hosting service, including unlimited disk space, unlimited hosted domains, and multiple servers for accounts. YouHosting is the easiest way to start a web hosting business. With YouHosting, users get a completely integrated hosted system that has everything needed: billing and invoicing system, domain registration, VPS, help desk, multiple cloud-based servers, over 1000 usable IPs, integration, automation and much more. And it’s all free! Users can upgrade to VIP and SuperVIP plans and enjoy literally unlimited service with dedicated support.


Billing and Client Management Software – BoxBilling is easy to use, lightning fast, and precise billing software. Take control in your hands: powerful software that will make Internet business run on autopilot.


Hosting24 is a professional web hosting provider, offering various hosting solutions, corporate level services, and unbeatable prices. The product is designed to serve U.S. and Canada customers. Hosting24 strives to provide the best web hosting experience. Whether you are a web hosting professional or just starting out, Hosting24 will provide the best tools and support to help you succeed. Hosting24 sells web hosting, re seller hosting, VPS hosting services, and domain names. Good prices and solid service trusted by more than 20,000 active clients and 50,000 hosted domains.

VPSlink is the first and only free VPS provider with instant activation. Get your own server now. Upgrade to the new generation of premium VPS anytime. Since we launched the project in late 2012, we have been pushing ourselves to excel on three main tracks: providing great support and quick responses, keeping our network uptime to nearly 100%, and always moving forward with innovations. This is how we do it: we have non-outsourced staff with at least four people online at the same time 24/7; we utilize enterprise level data centers and hire only the best system and network admins; we engage developers in creating unique features never seen before on other VPS hosting providers.


Zyro Builder – quick and simple way to set up a website. Revolutionary drag-and-drop anything interface! Creating your own website has never been this easy. You don’t have to be a web designer or a programmer. Just choose the Zyro Builder template you absolutely love and customize it to your needs. Create a stunning website in minutes!


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WebTech Post #7 Bootstrap

If you have any sort of interest in web development, you’ve likely heard of Bootstrap. According to the official website, Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. Sounds great! Now how do I use it?

It would be easy to send you over to their Getting Started page and call it a day. Their setup guide is indeed a host of useful information – links to CDNs, explanations on how to install with Bower, npm, and Composer, information on integration with Autoprefixer and LESS, a bunch of templates, licenses, and translations – but it is certainly not a step by step guide to getting started (which very well might be in the spirit of autodidactism).

When I discovered Bootstrap around half a year ago, responsive design was gaining in popularity, and not necessarily the expected norm. Having only ever made websites from scratch according to my college curriculum, I was a little confused about the entire concept of a framework. I’d imagine it’s even more confusing for beginners who are now expected to learn responsive design concepts and Bootstrap and JavaScript libraries, in addition to HTML, CSS, and JS.

I thought this could serve as a first look into Bootstrap for beginners, so there won’t be going into LESS and Sass integration, which are more intermediate/advanced concepts. While it’s written for the current, stable version Bootstrap 3, the concepts will remain the same for future versions. I heard 4 is gonna be out soon?


  • Basic knowledge and understanding of HTML and CSS

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap can be boiled down to three main files:

Additionally, Bootstrap requires jQuery to function. jQuery is an extremely popular and widely used JavaScript library, that both simplifies and adds cross-browser compatibility to JavaScript.

Everything else you might happen across while studying the Bootstrap documentation – Grunt, Gulp, Sass, LESS, bower, npm, etc – is not necessary to get started with Bootstrap. These are task runners, preprocessors, installation aids, and package managers, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t know how to use any of them yet. (I’ll probably try to cover them like later?)

So that being said the following are a few links from which I learnt Bootstrap.

Bootstrap – link
W3Schools – link
TutorialsPoint – link
Files – link

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Wow… My 100th post?!

Feeling a little satisfied since at least some things are still unchanged and going according to plan, so let me go ahead and try to dissect my blog’s logic into a comprehendible post like I had previously mentioned that I would…

So, 100th post in under 7 months?! And I am not even a full-time blogger. Okay maybe a few of the posts are just plain copy paste from some amazingly cool sites (I am still working on a page that is similar to the contents page to display from which all pages I plagiarized the contents, It will be up in a few months maybe close to December??) overlooking that I am gonna congratulate myself for coming so far …


I am gonna start with the blog name and the blog URL. I don’t know if you have already noticed the blog’s name has Daunting and the URL  has Dauntless? Sounds like the blog is gonna be no more doesn’t it? Well, it did to me when I saw it today. So what’s the logic? Well, I was new to blogging and speaking my mind on digital space, And I wanted some very unique name that is not search-engine friendly (I value my personal space a lot) and voila I stumbled over these two words.

So the blog was initially considered to be named as Dynamic Newbie but there was a blog similar to that, So I recursively found synonyms for it until it clicked that this is what it is gonna be? 

So the URL well, Daunting also meant fearful or scared, so the URL became soon to be fearless cause I will soon know enough content to be technically sound for a person my age, which was the initial motive for the blog. I hope I have done some justice over there? *awkward chuckle*

So that said, let’s look at some stats?

The India one is probably just me trying to find out what tweak in my blog’s HTML code corresponds to what on the blog.

I have gotten a few Anonymous comments over the past few months, It would help me sleep better if you identify yourself like now, But I do respect privacy and all, so… uhm… I just wanted to put it out there I guess?


I noticed that I have included a lot of JS on my site to make it look a bit more interesting (initially for myself) or something along those lines? I have gotten them most from this site So I hope it helps you also in case you want a messy blog like mine?

I also happen to notice that my kaomoji’s are not properly visible on different systems… I really like them, though 😦 I am thinking of placing images of them from now on? Or maybe I should just settle for memes or gifs or some other form of icebreaker that portrays what the non-technical me thinks while typing that which is typed here?

Just a little Heads up… The postings are gonna get random until I get stabilized with what is happening around me over here, I hope I successfully finish the WebTech Blog before I move on to something else which I have been planning to do for some time? Something involving SAP my dream company… I hope I qualify for it?

I think I will work on the Home Page like tomorrow, I still haven’t gotten a proper picture of what I want to display, let’s just hope that I come up with something before I get serious with my Job Search !


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Bonus Post – MEAN Stack

So, you’re a web developer? Chances are you’re using (or are familiar with) a LAMP stack), which comprises of the following components:

Of course, if you’re developing for the web, a knowledge of HTML and CSS is a must. Also, a solid knowledge of JavaScript (or/and a worldwide popular library jQuery) is also expected. So, if we take the knowledge of HTML and CSS as a must then, on top of that, in order to develop a decent web application you still have to have skills both in JavaScript (frontend ) and PHP (backend), plus the SQL for the database of your choice (could be you’re using Postgres or MariaDB instead). Sure, I hear you, you also may use frameworks for PHP (Laravel, Zend, …) or/and JavaScript (AngularJS, Ember, Backbone, …) or/and CSS (Compass, less) but I’ll just ignore those discrepancies for now…

One language to rule them all !!!

So, instead of having to learn additional language to handle back end part of your application, with MEAN stack you can do everything that you could with a LAMP stack, but by using only one language –JavaScript!

All of a sudden a new profession emerged – a full-stack JavaScript developer. The benefits are great because now you can have a team of developers who are capable of developing more agile software together by using a single language across all layers.

If this got you interested, mind blown even, then read on…(I have always wanted to include this gif!!!)

What is MEAN, and why it’s GOOD?

So, what is a MEAN stack? The idea is quite simple actually – you have 4 main parts:

These are some of the advantages of a MEAN stack:

  • Single language is used in the whole application
  • Support for the MVC pattern
  • JSON is used for transferring data
  • Node.js’s huge module library
  • Open source so you can tweak it to your preferences if you’re an experienced user

Ok, enough with the chit-chat, now I’ll go and install all the necessary parts.
1. Install MongoDB
link – to the site
link – TutorialsPoint
2. Install NodeJS
link – to the page that helps you download
link – TutorialsPoint
3.Download AngularJS
link – to the site
link – TutorialsPoint
4.Load a GIT file and exploit
link – More insights on MEAN stack developement
5. Play around with the Stack that you have managed to create.
link – a site that helped me to jump-start on MEAN stack development.
I know this looks a bit rushed… I am kinda running low on time, and this seem to be taking too much of my leisure time… so… *awkward laugh*

(•̀ ⑉̈•́)و ̑̑