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Random Language Exploited #3

Since I was drowning myself in making the platformer game using the corrected software… I am gonna postpone the next GMS post to another day and jot down a few things that I learnt for fun and move on … just a little longer (2 or 3 random posts are to be expected) so that I can work with full force on the game that I am making in order that I grasp the full essence of a game making software …


Okay, So the random language for today is Go. The language having a blue chipmunk as its icon?!

Go is a general-purpose language designed with systems programming in mind.It was initially developed at Google in year 2007 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. It is strongly and statically typed, provides inbuilt support for garbage collection and supports concurrent programming. Programs are constructed using packages, for efficient management of dependencies. Go programming implementations use a traditional compile and link model to generate executable binaries.

The Go programming language was announced in November 2009 and is used in some of the Google’s production systems

Getting hands on the very own coding languages is becoming credential for the today’s techies. Programming languages are how individuals talk with the computers. If you take a look on the history of different coding languages, many of those were designed for their own authors to get the best out of it.

  • Microsoft has its own ‘C#’ programming language
  • Apple has its own ‘Swift’ Programming language
  • Google has its own ‘Go’ programming language

‘GO’ is similar to C and C++ languages. It’s a compiled programming language which comprises number of features. “GO put together the development speed of working in a dynamic language such as Python with the performance and safety of a compiled language like C or C++. Usually it builds pretty much quickly; even with the large binaries it gets compile in just a few seconds and compiled code runs close to the speed of C” – Google Go team blogged.

Different features supported by Google’s GO enable native mobile app development for major platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows. By interacting with this language, developers will get best experience with the working speed, safety as well as performance criteria. Developers can build native apps for different platforms or create SDK apps from the packages of ‘GO’ language and invoking them into different platforms. ‘GO’ help to keep away from all the loopholes developers were facing with traditional C and C++ languages. You will get advantage of faster time-to-market to get faster results for your investment.

Google released the final and latest version of GO programming language 1.6 some date in Feb this year. This fresh version 1.6 conveys nothing major changes for the programming language itself. However, inputs and progress are to inform, such as compatibility with HTTP / 2 in the package net / http. Some other modifications are also there, as the default by utilizing the Clang compiler on FreeBSD, as an alternative of GCC. Linux on PowerPC as well as compilation of 64-bit helps external linking and cgo. Above and beyond some enhancements on performance (less splits with garbage collection) GO 1.6 is flexible with a larger number of platforms.

The version of ‘GO’ programming language 1.5 was released last year in the August and appears in the gossip because of its support towards cross-platform app development. With just launch of version, it has become very easier for programmers to create cross platform applications by sharing a single code between different platforms. It is very time as well as extra efforts saving in the matter of mobile app development.

Why GO language ?
  • Go’s native concurrency features are well suited for the network applications because network apps live and die by concurrency.
  • Because of GO’s constant behavior throughout different platforms, it’s very easy to put simple command-line applications that run everywhere.
  • Go help you to get results very speedily within least possible time.
  • It is a robust programming language outlined for the development of scalable applications.
  • GO enables for embedding essential features for mobile app development with extreme ease.
  • It is very simple to interact with GO as it is similar to Python programming language.
  • Programmers who are familiar with the NODE or JS can effortlessly work with ‘GO’ but need to understand first different features such as co-routines, strict typing, channels and many more.
  • Individuals can easily search out for the different standard packages and tools of GO for the development methodology.
  • GO also supports go-routines which are light weight threads managed by runtime.
  • It has garbage collection.
  • By its design, GO offers a way to build system software on multi-core machines.
  • Go delivers a model for the construction of software that makes dependency analysis simple than ever before.
  • Type system of GO language has no hierarchy; so no wastage of time in defining the relationship between types.

Go has a lot of advantages of JavaScript as a light weight and fun language to play with. Go language is without doubt a superior choice to go for native app development or cross platform mobile app development for the different needs of business. It is one of the most modern as well as well featured languages to perform programming.
( •́ ⍨ •̀)

Okay moving on… since I kinda don’t have time to go into details… What did I do to consider learning Go as a programming language? If I remember correctly Go was my first language which I learned on my own a year back… WHY? Cause I wanted to know why there were so many languages in existence and as to why only a selected few were mentioned in my curriculum ….

ᕙ (✿⊙へ ⊙〃)

On a more serious note, Go is like any other language with variables with types, arrays, loops, conditionals, operators bleh-ble-bleh!!

Since this was the first language that I learnt on my own I don’t have any personalized notes on this language.

As usual though this is the site that I tried learning from. Took me like an hour or so to finish with the basics and proceed with writing code on my own. Boy do I still remember when I first compiled my first Go program on my own. I was like literally fascinated with all that computational power that I was allowed to manipulate… *cue evil smirk*

Well that’s it for now… I kinda didn’t wanna spend too much time here… so this might feel a bit rushed so I’ll update here once I manage to make notes for this language…

Happy Learning! 🙂

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