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Rant Alert #5 Honest Mistake ლ(ಥ _ ಥ )ლ

Man do I feel embarrassed with this rushing head first into something blindly… *sigh

So, I just got back to my old self I suppose (I had a self analysis happening for the past few days aka depression) and I happen to realize that I am the type to let my personal stuff cloud my mind if not given the proper rest to that brain of mine.

I just mistook Game Maker Studio for Game Maker and have been facing problems …  

I am assuming that this is a common mistake for beginners?! Hopefully… *sigh

So now that I am aware of this digitally recorded blunder (I am gonna let it be cause well It did help me laugh … !) I am gonna do both side by side and will be done with it by next week after I manage to make a game like Mario or Sonic or the like games called Platformer games… not sure if I worded that properly I’ll come back to that like later.

(๑´ ಡ . ಡ `๑)

So that being said (and this being a rant alert post), I am gonna put down something like a check list of things that I plan to finish by this semester :

College Portal –  
Have done the student portal. The layout seems user friendly and it has been approved to proceed further to doing a staff portal and connecting it with the student portal. (I should try and find some time to make an entry of that over here). I have used WAMP to host it on my system (local server) and then moved it onto the free website hoster (Hostinger). I just don’t feel like creating one because I have no clue as to what to add as a table for the staffs. And how to let the staff enter details and other minor catches that comes with creating a portal.

Sudoku Solver –  
An Android app that reads the Sudoku puzzle using the camera and digitizes the puzzle for the user so that it can be solved on the go. It should also be able to solve the Sudoku. This was my last semester mini project that was dropped (half done since I wasn’t able to read the puzzle using OpenCV and the webcam on system and emulator). So this time I am gonna go full out on a dummy phone that is provided for project work. or just buy a second hand android phone with enough resolution to read a Sudoku puzzle.

Technologies to exploit – Cinema4D , Superpowers,(since I have mentioned them in resume ) something for Image processing and Embedded programming (Raspberry Pi maybe?)

Things to revise – C, Python, Java, Quants and Reasoning, Android Studio (before my first interview by the end of next month hopefully)

College work : 

  • A presentation on Physics simulation (tomorrow)
  • A 3D 3rd person shooting game on blender (In 3 weeks I suppose)
  • A mini project to encrypt and decrypt using colors and image processing (By the end of this sem)
  • Placement tests for 80 mins… *sigh I don’t seem to be able to attend the test with intrest for long enough
  • Should choose on my Major Project title (this week submission)

I never thought that choosing a project tile can prove to be this hard to me.. *sigh. I still am clueless as to which domain I want to confine myself for the 4 months of my college last year on. So far this is my thought process :

I want to put my hands on things that I have never touched before and those that mange to perk my interest and should be a computer domain. Well I did wanna make a motor for a car at least once .. LOL but my college does not accept that since well you know I am a CS student… *awkward chuckle*

Okay that weird craving aside, this is the shortlisted domains on which I will lean toward if I am allowed to work alone.

  • Image processing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Embedded Programming
  • Android Application Development
  • Internet of Things
  • Cloud Storage and Security
  • Game Programming

These are the project Ideas that include a few of them (since incorporating all of them into one project, I wont be able to finish I guess?) :

An Android app that captures and processes a few mind puzzles (Sudoku, Kakura, Hitori,) and lets the user play with the computer (Chess) Technically a Puzzle game hub.

So thats Android, Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Game Programming, MMOG?.

A safe home . I will attach sensors to things like electrical appliances(fan, lights etc), smoke sensor, and something for the door. These senors will be given access (by Bluetooth or something like that) using the IP and be hosted into a 3rd party cloud storage from which the user can access the (for eg.) fans switch and manipulate it. This can be accessed by anyone so the data will be encrypted and based on the IMEI code of the users mobile phone (or direct manipulation at the users home in case the user lost their phone or changed their phone.) the app will be able to access the cloud and give the user access to the connected safe home from anywhere possible.

So thats Internet of things, Embedded programming, Android with cloud storage and Encryption Algorithm.


So I am confused and a little disoriented at the moment with things going on. So I might revert back to my old schedule of a post every alternate day.

So thats enough ranting for one day I suppose…


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