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Game Maker Studio Post #5 A game without GML code?

It’s still not working properly… *sigh, but I am working on it. And hopefully I will be able to run the game at least ones before I loose interest in the software as a whole…

So, Pacman it is for today!!!

Following the same format that I have been using for the past 2 post… This is what I have planned for the Pacman :


  • Pacman : Facing up/Down/Left/Right
  • Monsters : Red/Blue/Green/Yellow/Pink/Weak
  • Food and Bonus
  • Wall


  • Pacman
  • Monsters
  • Wall
  • Food


Pacman : I did the drag and drop for it’s movements since it was available and the code seemed a little redundant? Collision with the food (destroy the food), wall (stop the movement), Monsters (Restart the game). And wrapped it around the room.

Monsters : I added AI kinda path for it and placed them in the room… Dragging and dropping..!


Placed the objects created onto the room.

I tried to make it to be symmetrical but I lost it half way through… my mouse is not cooperating with my artistic sense … *sigh


I think that’s about it for Pacman ? I’ll add more levels and sound files tomorrow? And keep track of the scores maybe?

fuoodh!!!ʅ ﴾סּ ؂ סּ ʅ ﴿

I think I’ll go satisfy my grumbling stomach before I end up causing havoc to my surroundings…

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