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Filler Post #5 A website I am working on from scratch ( ̄へ ̄)

I just realized that I haven’t scheduled a post for today and since I am kinda running outta things to post it’s a filler post for today 


So, just putting it out there, My exams are done and I have finally become a final year student (I can’t wait to graduate and go to work that pays my bills!!!). So what had me busy yesterday? Well, I was doing this student portal for my college. This is the first increment.


I had a few examples projects each very different from the other and poorly documented! I wasn’t even able to differentiate between the redundant lines from the useful ones??  So I dropped all of them and started from scratch. I felt so much more better when I had a blank template to start from (Maybe I am not a full on plagiarist like I thought).

What have I used to create the website:

Hostinger: Provides a free sub-domain and other hosting things with good data upload rate and bandwidth.

Bootstrap: The page is responsive as far as I have tested out using F12!

PHP: If you noticed JS is client side and the logic can be seen in the client browser. Now if I ended up using JS to access my DB which is supposedly having sensitive information then well that’s just bad! So I used PHP and it’s usual accompaniment MySQL.

WAMP: Personal server on my desktop for faster results on minor changes.

JavaScript: Well, Bootstraps CSS kinda is more fluid when you use JS with it. Just the basic transitions that I got from places.

SASS: That’s just a super powered CSS code. I used it to beautify my 2-page site using variables and functions instead of  the kinda unchangeable CSS code.

That being said I present to you the first increment of my 2-page site:
What will you find there?

A login page: That asks for your register number and password

RegNo: 311113104001 , 311114205703 , 311115106043 , 311113105303 , 311114114705

(Why these numbers well our reg no has a few inherent details that can be derived from it!! Like the firstRegNo. is a person who entered on 2013 and will leave in 2017 belongs to CSE dept and is a normal student who started college after finishing their schooling or other studies. This kinda cuts down the size of my table on the server. How do I get these info? Well, that’s where PHP comes in! I’ll do that on another day)

Password : licet@123

Well, the logged-in page is a bit informal since well I am a bit informal. I will update it with more formal stuff after giving it to my professors?

Screenshots (just for me so that I can see the difference in the increments)

ԅ(≖‿≖ ;ԅ)

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