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Random Post #5

I am a little sick so I am gonna take a time off today… I will update this place as soon as I am starting to feel better?

( ± _ ± )

Then why am I bothering to post this … well, I realized that this has become more like a daily journal more than anything else? So I thought why not I post something not so sensitive about myself…

Ψ( ± _ ± )Ψ

This is most probably gonna end up being a rant or something… I haven’t been using this place as energetic as I used to… meaning I haven’t done any noteworthy changes to the blogs look and feel for the past few days… But I am planning to get a domain name and host my own website and finally make this sad excuse of a hobby of mine into a means of ripping off of my *dad’s* money…

± ︿ ± )

Or maybe not.. just saying 😉

If you are not able to read between the lines like already, I am not satisfied with the way of this blog and how the world is treating it. I mean sure I understand most of my blog posts are just copy paste from some corner of the world (I was trying to personalize them a bit.. here and there,eventually lost interest), facts which are not portrayed with its due importance (I just never feel like I am doing these things enough justice)… those aside I have managed to cross like 50 posts and still I haven’t found the slightest hint of satisfaction with where this is heading… as in I don’t have comments or unique views rather I feel that I have been doing all of these for only personal compensation..*sigh

So in order that my wailing soul can be soothed, I was seeing a few SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips so that this eyesore of a blog pops up outta nowhere when you type the word “MERAKI”… 

Because letting people who know me in real life about this blog is just too much work..

Ψ( ± . ± )Ψ

I actually did that Meraki for real and let it be for a few days… *smirk . I recently remembered that I had done that not too long ago (a week back give or take a few days) and successfully managed to remove that …*sigh.Instead, I just went ahead and put my labels (the growing bread crumbs list) as the list of things that can be searched for (my new boring hit list..*yay… -.- not).

I guess that’s it for today and if I really manage to find my way back outta my bed back to this place maybe I’ll go ahead and post something about the SEO’s that I tried to make my blog pop up on the randomly chosen keyword “LACUNA“…

Hopefully, my sickness passes away without damaging my memory… *sigh

Somehow this pic was totally relate-able

(± ︿ ±)


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