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Random Post #1

Even though I say that this is a random post this post is more like a post that is creepily related to my thought process, as in what I am currently thinking of. The thoughts that need more pondering over or what I am currently experiencing ?

This should be actually encapsulating my hours spent…

But then again … I’m a student… Aspiring to be an engineer… (;-.-) that advice is just weird on so many different levels… *sigh what’s with the study with books and avoid computer if possible  (\0.0/)

Just a week before the exams… And what could I possibly be doing if I am neither studying (like as if ) nor am I spending much time here (my every day 2 to 8 hours quota has reduced drastically to 30 mins per 2 days… This Random post idea is working after all ) … The climate here changed overnight… Like literally overnight… So I went into a hibernation mode, the quest of trying to study for the sem just had to be procrastinated… *shrug

In the short moment that I came outta my cozy blanket, I found this on the net and I thought why not… And my brain froze… *shiver

I am blaming it on the heavy computational work it made me do… And not that big scoop of ice cream that I successfully manage to chug down my throat … *smug face


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