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Rant Alert #4 (●o≧д≦)o

After some considerable amount of time spent on blender trying to animate object I have realized that the world of animation is just … not for me -.-

Maybe I should have used a better animation software to work with , considering the fact that this the first time I have worked with animation…? Nonetheless, this is just not for me I tell you.. *sigh.

What did I presume when I started this new venture of mine?  Well for starters I didn’t expect this to be so hard!!!! After (like literally) hitting my head on the wall I got some (sad excuse of an) Idea that I thought would be easy (and funny enough ) to implement… but NO!!! Apparently blender had other plans for me. The transition of the (stupid) idea from my (complex) brain to the (rebellious) system was and still is infuriating… *sigh


After spending nearly half the day  trying to wade in through this new world of bringing life to inanimate objects, this is my thought process thus far…

I have heard that the traditional way to start with animation is to make a bouncing ball?


Well, that was pretty easy … too easy actually… And since it was rather easy I thought I’ll do the same in the rigged way?


That turned out pretty good eh? Maybe Animation is not that bad in Blender … Now let me kick it up a notch..


Can you see where I went wrong?

I stopped using key frames (that’s something I learnt to wade my way through animation…) and went back to using the (kinda safe on the logic side) particles in blender to automate my animation… *sigh This is kinda similar to my Train Engine that I did as a bonus post in blender(hopefully I didn’t change any of the names…)?

So I stopped right there and thought that it was time to move on to animating something? In Blender (I assumed ) rigged characters were easier to animate… and I was wrong. I learnt that animation is all about tweaking images wrt the time factor (not to mention proper angle of the cam recorder). And to do that I would need experience , which I don’t have. I only started animating in blender for like 6 to 7 go easy on me 

(っ ‸ – ς)

You might have noticed by now that I haven’t done anything in blender wrt animation.. though I did start a story board kinda thing… and it is only half done…

This is not gonna be labelled as Blender… cause I haven’t done anything new here…

PS: If I successfully manage to figure out how to take a video and upload here somehow.. I’ll do that sometime in the near future maybe?

*While doing the last one I took a gif though? and the file size is too large to put up here…(Nothing is working according to plan..*sigh)… link to the gif  though just in case someone might be interested?


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