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Blender Post #8 Blender Game Engine =( ^o^)ノ ...…___oiiiiiii

Personally, I have always felt much at ease when I code a game. I am not so sure as to why … maybe it’s the fact that not only the fluency in the coding that matters but also the varying logic that can be applied to make objects come to life using various I/O devices (I only have a keyboard… *sigh). And in Blender, it was not only that but the (stupid) camera and the (annoying) lightings that also mattered. But I guess I have learnt something new and I thought maybe I’ll jot down something here and move on to storyboarding …


Okay moving on… Blender comes with an inbuilt Game Engine called the Blender Game Engine . In a NutShell, BGE renders the object very similar to that of the Blender Renderer (slightly lesser quality maybe) and once the game is started , based on the Constraints specified, Particles generated, Physics applied and the Python scripted the objects are manipulated.So to code a game here you gotta know all of that… at least all of that cause we have something called AI (bit too advanced for me so haven’t tried it.. yet!  I’ll cover that sometime later maybe.)


Been a long time since I have done some scribbling on a screenshot has it not … ?

So how did I get that layout?
From the Info tab select the Game Layout to get the layout and set the renderer to Blender Game to get the Game Menu.

Basically, Logic Editor and the Text Editor are the only things that are new here. Rest are just misplaced old panels that you must be familiar by now if you worked as hard as I had done to make all those files that I have shared.

The Logic Editor is where the logic, properties, and states are set up to control the behaviour of the objects in the game. (The Logic Editor panel can also be displayed by selecting Logic Editor in the Display Editor menu, by pressing Shift-F2, or by pressing Ctrl-Right arrow).
The Text Editor, on the other hand, lets you write scripts?

Assuming that you have read the previous one, (I had mentioned the word Bullet Physics ) I used Bullet Physics to demonstrate the basic workflow of Blender Game Programming.

I have 3 objects:

  • An arrowhead (The thing that shoots) 
  • A cube (A thing with Health points to be shot at) 
  • A Bullet (Hidden)

And I have 3 Script files:

  • player-script is for the arrow 
  • obstacle-script is for the cube 
  • bullet-script is for the bullet 

If you want to / prefer to learn BGE in the normal way (books and videos) the following are the sites that I referred to:

Blender 2.77 Game Engine Manual – This is the official (I think) site that hosts the basic functionalities of the Blender Software.

Blender Game Engine Basics Tutorial Series – This Playlist has (YouTube) videos on Basic BGE that I referred to. Ofc there are others out there that I saw when I started but can’t seem to remember properly(this one was still in my browser history…)

Game Logic (bge.logic) – This is where I learnt the functionalities of the python library bge .

Or if you prefer having the blend file at hand to do your own digging…
The Blend File : Basic BGE Explained
That’s all for today I suppose…
*I kinda nearly forgot to link to the folder with the game logic that I have collected so far…

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