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Blender Post #7 Some Physics ? (눈_눈)

Physics allows you to simulate real world physical phenomena. Blender offers a variety for different physics, for example, you can use Blender to simulate to following kinds of simulation : Smoke, Rain, Dust, Cloth, Water, Jello…

  • Particle Systems can be used to simulate many things: hair, grass, smoke, flocks.
  • Hair is a subset of the particle system, and can be used for strand-like objects, such as hair, fur, grass, quills, etc.
  • Soft Bodies are useful for everything that tends to bend, deform, in reaction to forces like gravity or wind, or when colliding with other objects… It can be used for skin, rubber, and even clothes, even though there is separate Cloth Simulation specific for cloth-like objects.
  • Rigid Bodies can simulate dynamic objects that are fairly rigid.
  • Fluids, which include liquids and gases, can be simulated, including Smoke.
  • Force Fields can modify the behavior of simulations.

Blender includes advanced physics simulation in the form of the Bullet Physics. Most of your work will involve setting the right properties on the objects in your scene, then you can sit back and let the engine take over. The physics simulation can be used for Games, but also for Animation.

  • No Collision Is not affected by the simulation nor affects other objects.
  • Static Participates in the simulation, affecting other objects… but is not affected by it.
  • Dynamic Object that can move besides colliding and being collided with.
  • Rigid Body Has rigid body dynamics.
  • Soft Body Soft body dynamics.
  • Character Controller 
  • Vehicle Controller 
  • Occluder Prevents calculation of rendered objects (not their physics, though!).
  • Sensor Detects presence without restituting collisions.
  • Navigation Mesh To make pathfinding paths. Useful for Artificial Intelligence.
Okay so moving on this folder has a bunch of  simulation,animated and different physics settings that I got from the net and a few that I made that helped to get a better grasp at this since it is necessary for my next post which will either be on animation or Blender Game Engine (depending on my mood).I wasted too much time browsing video on this…*sigh


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