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Blender Post #6 Low Poly Characters and Character Rigging Ψ(☆w☆)Ψ

Okay , Before I go into what I have planned for today.. (after looking through a few of my older posts) I realized that I haven’t been explaining things properly or providing proper links to the sites I have been referring and I feel guilty cause most of it are plagiarized from someone else’s hard work? Maybe I’ll do a post condensing all my resources for a particular topic or something…?

Okay,So moving on , I created these models from scratch and I successfully managed to Rigg some of them within the few hours allotted for this blender (I am on my study holidays and I have just started to read through some of my notes in order that I don’t forget them… *sigh)


Wow, I put glow sticks like every where =0 I am kinda learning a little about materials and textures And I really like how these Glow sticks are turning out 😉

So what’s Rigging ?

It’s a functionality provided by blender to create and manipulate models by using skeletons. This comes in handy when you want a single model to be animated through a number of key frames in which the original model is being manipulated with various facial expressions,gestures,etc. Given the correct weight map you can animate the said model properly . For a more techie explanation check here… Blender Reference Manual

How to do it?

Traditionally, after creating a model (in the object mode) from the Add menu (SHIFT + A) select Armature. after manipulating that bone to match the model’s assumed skeleton (by Extruding an applying the basic transformations) select the armature and the model (in the object mode) and join them using some command (I forgot.. ) CTRL + P (probably something along those keys…)  that’s the Set Parent to menu… and choose *with automatic weights* . Then in order to perfect the skeletal moves, select the  armature in the pose mode and choose the weight paint mode and choosing the bone add or subtract its effect on the model’s corresponding body part.

And the video that helped me with this is ..

But recently , Blender comes with this add-on that is distributed form the version 2.6 (If I remember correctly?) and all you have to do is enable it in the CTRL+ALT+U (User preferences) Add-ons menu … and enable auto run python scripts in the file menu also ..

And the video that helped me with this is ..

So that being said… Here’s the link to my files.Hope you can find your way through them.

And before I forget, I only did a few of them (present in the folder) from scratch. I downloaded a few and lost link to the sites cause my computer is not co-operating with me for the past few a hours,so bear with me. If you find your work here let me know so that I can put a link in there.Sorry. (m_._m)

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