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Bonus Post – Smoking Train (ʃƪ¬‿¬)

So the train it is this time … 


I was told recently to refer a few videos to enhance my learning experience with blender…and I stumbled over these YouTube Videos.. I actually came over loads, and these 2 kinda seem to condense my work so yeah… watch and enjoy maybe ?

This video helped me with the basics of Bezier curve and the usage of array modifier.

This video helped me with adding Particles and texturing of my smoke.

What have I done? 

Using this train as my model, I made a track (using the array and curve modifier) . After making the smoke particles to float in the positive z-axis (since it took me a moment there to realize that I was modelling the world upside down…Apparently I lost the orientation while applying my Follow path modifier to the train)… I tried new light settings?

And this is what I ended up with … overlooking that one time that I deleted the blender file after modelling everything cause the train wasn’t moving properly over the track (I am still annoyed with that sadistic habit of mine… *sigh) I started again from scratch and It took me around an hour to make the train smoke and move logically (If I can say so myself ) on a not so straight track …

Rendered image of what I have done?

Link to my folder?

2 thoughts on “Bonus Post – Smoking Train (ʃƪ¬‿¬)

  1. I am sorry ,if I sound stupid, but how did you manage to make the train move on the track like an actual train ? Mine is like a slob of cube that moves around without a sense of orientation (It doesn't curve properly)?? I followed the videos and even saw the blender file that you gave… Gosh, I feel hopeless. Any help will be appreciated ^.^


  2. It is not stupid 🙂 If I remember correctly I was also stuck at that point and I ended up redoing the whole thing. (#⌒∇⌒#)ゞ It's pretty simple actually. (๑╹o╹)φ

    Few things I learnt myself, The direction in which you created the train is important. In the video they did a Y-axis train, so the train followed path along Y-axis and the track followed along negative Y-axis. Besides that everything is a trial and error thing with the modifiers , you never get what you want , you just end up getting something while trying to get something else!!! (ノꐦಥ益ಥ)ノ彡┻━┻

    I also had trouble using my mouse on the train when I had applied the modifier (follow path) resulting with the train disappearing from the screen. (⊙_◎) This doesn't happen if you set the axis of orientation before you actually apply and bring the mouse onto the view pane. And personally I would recommend you using the numbers rather than the mouse or an equivalent to mouse on touch screen (if you happen to have one?)

    I hope that helped 😉 And I would like to know who you are (I thought you were someone I knew but apparently you happen to be a stranger to me), it might actually help me sleep better to be aware of what kind of an anonymous person I am talking about. But I wouldn't mind if you don't feel like signing into some account and commenting here (I understand that it is too much of a hassle). 〆(´ω`●)ゞ


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