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Blender Post #5 Low Poly Scenes . . . φ(◎◎ヘ)

Low poly style illustrations are a hot trend these days and we see them everywhere – books, animations, music videos, apps, etc. and now I am gonna post on a few tricks to create one in Blender.  I have created a few example illustrations and outta my pure goodwill even manged to provide a link to my sad excuse of a work …

Before diving in …A Few Pointers on the Low Poly world

Flat Shaded Models

One of the main requirements to achieve this style, is that the models must be flat shaded. This will give a blocky looking result, which a smooth shaded surface does not produce.

For better results, it’s sometimes good to triangulate (CTRL+Tthe mesh. Triangles are something we typically avoid while modeling, as we like to keep everything in quads. But no problem, every quad or square are two triangles combined together, so we don’t have to build the models thinking only in triangles. Just construct the models as you usually would, and in edit mode we can triangulate the mesh.

Lighting is the most important part of producing a good render. The scene should be properly lit according to the composition, and we must use Ambient Occlusion and Global Illumination. Photo-realistic rendering will produce the best result. This lighting and shading are what set it apart from a bad looking render.

Low Poly Models

Another prerequisite for this style is that the models must be low poly (obviously!). The forms must be drawn close to basic geometric shapes. For organic models, if you find it difficult to built them using less triangles, then don’t worry. You can construct the model as you want and later crunch those polys down with the help of the Decimate Modifier. You can also import and use your existing mid-poly models, and then use the Decimate Modifier to reduce the polygons. A rather gentle reminder apply modifiers in the object mode.. and click on apply when you like what you see


Okay Enough said about low poly..
Just let you know … I am not a “original” person… I prefer replicating things and adding my flair to it.. So if you find any of your works or any of your friends work.. don’t blame me… It was an honest mistake.And if it makes you feel any better (and if you have the links) I don’t mind setting up external links to the sites that legally hosts the pics … And if you happen to be really bothered by it give me a weeks time to find a replacement.. Thank you for your corporation…

Okay so that being said, I got these bunch of (rather easy to replicate) low poly images from Google Images…

My reasons to choose these images is, besides it being low poly scenes, cause not much is going on in the pic. As in you can count the number of (non duplicated) objects that are used in the scene and the number is less than 5!! So for the beginner me these seem achievable models and hence I will proceed with my doings…

Below are the links to my Blender files.. Followed by a one line condensation of what to expect in those folder provided… So help yourself.. I am just gonna go and lie down…and close my eyes.. and maybe try and close my Mind if I feel like it …

(+.+) z Z

Just a little preview on what you will find in there.. Mind you I am bad with cameras…So the lighting might be a bit off…And ofc if you feel you have a better light setting please let me know of it… I would like to learn 😉

I think I’ll do a post on low poly characters next and move on to animating them by rigging them …or maybe a bonus post on smoking trains moving on tracks… so much to choose from but so little time to make sense outta my thoughts… *sigh (I personally think I stopped making sense midway through the previous sentence…)

((( ̄へ ̄井)

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