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Blender Post #4 De-Greying my House ∑(*☼_☉*)

I realized (after seeing a few videos and referring to a few manuals) that I could  colour the House in an efficient way, by colouring the door, window,roof and the walls in different colours.


 So my new end product that was derived from that annoying cube is …

(Might as well mention this before I forget, I lost my previous files due to cleaning up my messed up system so I started doing the house back from scratch… *sigh… So it might be a little different(Okay wayyy different) from the previous one. I am really sorry about that. ||๑•́ㅿ•̀๑) ᔆᵒʳʳᵞ)

I just went back and saw my previous post, wondering why that house was very simplistic… I have managed to add a watershed so that the when it rains (animate a shower of rain) the water can collect in the gap present there in the roof and fall behind … Bottomline… I got carried away (⊃‿⊂)

Comparing both the Morphed Cubes , I think the only difference made is the watershed,extra windows and misplaced door? 

The watershed can be constructed by selecting the roof plane (in the plane select mode) and extruding upward in the z axis and dissolving a few edges(most of the exterior duplicated edges in the edge select mode).If you don’t understand it’s okay I’ll try working on my communication skills…. *sigh

Okay moving on…

To make the house less grey…

We have loads of options , but right now I am gonna concentrate on Lighting and Materials.

How to separate the elements and name them?

  • Select the object(in this case the object name cube) and go to edit mode.
  • Go to face select mode (since that is easier to separate all the individual components)
  • Select the faces that make a component,(I have done for the floor and the door in the above pic) and then press P which will bring the “Separate menu” in which choose “Selection” . 
  • A new object will be created with the same name of the parent object with the suffix 001 , I recommend that you change them when you remember them as and when you separate them.

Now that I have the separate components let me move on to adding materials

Since I have started to prefer personalized lighting… I will start with creating a Light emitting object.

I selected the light source and deleted it. Added a new Mest Item , a UV Sphere(This I am gonna call Sun)

Selecting the UV Sphere in the object mode go to the Properties window and select the Materials tab and assign “Emission” to surface Colour the sun and give the lighting strength for the lighting object.

I hope the image is self explanatory…

Just play around with the materials… These are the settings I have for my house 😉

You can either use the node editor to modify the materials in the object mode or go to the Materials tab in the properties toolbar of the selected object to modify its material.

I think I got a bit carried away with the Demorphication of the cube (⊃‿⊂)

I just got tired of seeing the house…So I am gonna drop the house and start something else (҂⌣̀_⌣́)
Looking at the Grassy green ground maybe I’ll make the terrain into a mountain forest?

Modeling The Mountain

  • In a new layer press SHIFT-A and add a Plane.Press TAB on the keyboard to enter into Edit mode. Then Press S and drag the mouse to scale the Plane.
  • While in the Edit mode and with the mouse pointer in the 3D view, press W and select Subdivide, to subdivide it.Do this several times. Three to four times would be sufficient, don’t make it too dense.
  • Press A to deselect all the vertices. Now to create the mountain ridge, select two vertices. Press 5 to go to perspective mode. Now, press O on the keyboard to enable the Proportional Editing Tool (Soft selection), and make sure that Smooth falloff is selected.
  • You can increase or decrease the area of influence with the Mouse Wheel. Now drag the Blue Arrow to move the vertices upward (Z axis). Or press G and then Z to move the vertices along the Z Axis only. Move them up just a little bit, not too much. 
  • Now select only one of the verts and pull it upwards. Again you can either use the Blue Arrow , or press G and then Z and move your mouse, to move the vertex up.
  • Press A to select all the vertices, and then Press CTRL-T to triangulate the mesh. Press A again to deselect the mesh. Now select Random Falloff mode.
  • Select a few of the peak points and move them upwards (hold SHIFT and then Right Click to select more than one vertex.) You will see that the mountain is now taking shape, but take care that the ground is not being affected too much. You can also tweak the points individually to achieve the desired effect.
  • Again select all the vertices by pressing A, and then press W to bring up the Specials menu. Select Shade Flat to give it a flat look and then press TAB to exit Edit mode. The mountain is now ready. 

I’ll Colour the Mountain later …

Moving on to the trees

  • Left Click on an empty space to bring up the 3D cursor. Press Shift-A > Mesh > Icosphere to add a sphere to the scene.
  • Press . (period) on the numpad to make it centered and 3 (on the numpad) to get into the Right view (Press 5 to turn off Perspective view.) Press Shift-A and add Mesh > Cylinder.
  • In the Tool Shelf(The T Toolbar) reduce the Vertices to 6.
  • Press TAB to enter into Edit mode. Select all the vertices by pressing A, and press S to scale them down to make the trunk of the tree.
  • Deselect all the vertices with the A key. Then press B to drag select only the top vertices and then pull them up along the Z axis, by dragging the Arrow Widget or by hitting the G key and then Z, moving the mouse and finally clicking to confirm.
  • With the top row of vertices selected, press S and scale them down to give the trunk a nice shape (you can also press Z to preview it in Solid mode.)
  • To get the low poly look I have given to my trees and bushes: Select the object (icosphere) by Right Clicking, and then click on the Modifiers button in the Properties window, and select Decimate. Reduce the Ratio according to how low poly you want the tree to look.Finally click Apply in Object Mode.

I used Icosphere for the bushes and the scaled down Berries

I kinda lost interest in putting berries..

Okay Moving on before I end up losing interest in Blender..

My initial plan was to animate rain and add a few birds, but since I feel that I have been spending too long on boring house, from the next post onwards I am going to work on a Low-Poly scene which is being formulated in my mind for quite some time…

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