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Blender Post #3 Edit an existing object to create a something (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

I was just opening the Blender after a week of creating that sad excuse of a flower of mine… And I got pretty much annoyed at that cube staring at me each time I opened the window… So I am gonna transform it into something.. Hehehe…



Pretty neat right… I really like that chocolate colour my house turned out to be  
(hover your mouse over the pic or long press the image)

That is the Cycles Rendered image. Press F12 in Blender to get the rendered image of whatever object you have currently modelled.

I think I’ll be using almost everything I know wrt 2D image editing on this post and move on to animations from the next one onwards…

So here is how I ended up having a choco coloured house on a green landscape:


As soon as the window is opened after passing through the splash window ( I really like that window with that colourful beings just splashed everywhere ), this is what I see usually. A grey background with a flying grid a selected cube placed at the center and randomly hanging light source and a camera in object mode.

What I am gonna do is after selecting the cube in the object mode , I pressed the “TAB” key to toggle the cube to the edit mode. If you can notice , by clicking you mouse wheel button and dragging you will realise that the cube’s midpoint coincides with the origin of the x-y-z plane. Since I want the house’s base to be in the XY plane and not below(or above the plane… *sigh… I am slowly loosing my orientation…) I selected the cube and translated in the z direction accordingly.(Click and drag along the blue axis or press G followed by Z and type 1)

Now that I have a  box placed on the grid, I am gonna proceed to draw a roof for the cube 

To draw a roof on top of the Cube:

  • Select the top 4 points of the cube(I used a new method to select the vertices here. Press “C”(for circle) Click and drag your mouse to hover over the vertices you want to select. (Use wheel button to scale the selection circle.)
  • After selecting the 4 vertices of the top face of the cube, Press E to go to Extrude Mode.Using this mode one can drag the selected vertices/edges/faces by duplicating the same, while connected to the original  vertices/edges/faces  and applying the normal transformations to the extended portion.
  • After going into Extrude mode with the selected points (In order to make a pointed roof) Go to the Specials menu (Press the W key) and select Merge from the menu. And from the new menu that pops up select “Merge at center”.

So far we have managed to put a pyramid on top of a cube.

(╯⊙ ⊱⊙╰ )

Since the cube can still be distinguished Let me continue with my morphication…

Maybe I’ll make a sloped roof and hide the top of the cube ?

To make the sloped roof,

  • Make the topmost point as the pivot point. Why? Cause when I scale the 4 edges of the top of the cube to make an overhanging I want it to be wrt the rooftop and z-axis. How? Select the Topmost point(right click the point or press C and click and drag or press B and click and drag a box over the points to be selected) and go to the “Pivot point for Rotation and Scaling option in the menu” below and choose “3D Cursor”. 
  • Go to “Edge select mode”. Why? Cause I am planning to extend the edges. How? There are 3 Icons in the menu below one are the Vertex Select, Edge Select, Face Select. Choose the Edge one. 

While I am here might as well just let you know that in order to not lose my sense of orientation with the scene I chose the “Limit Selection to Enable” toggle button which gives a see through of the image and lets me work with the selection process without moving much.

  • Choose the 4 Edges , Press E to Extrude, Immediately press S to scale and then press Z to scale along the Z axis.and drag till you are satisfied with the end product.(If you are not happy with the preview that you see press ESC or Left click to drop the transformation.)

My slope came out pretty okay !!!

Moving on,Since I can still relate to that annoying cube…

To make a multiple room house …

  • Go to Face Select mode, Select the 3 faces (one side of the pyramid,the extended pyramid side’s face, and the same cube’s side face)
  • After selecting the faces press E and choose the right axis to extrude along(I have X axis the red line.) and drag using your mouse.( I entered a value using my keyboard)
Now I have a house like a thing …

I might as well add a few windows and a door…


In order to draw a window and a door in a lazy way…

  • Select the *house* using A or use B and draw a box over the *house*.
  • Subdivide the *house* . What? To make a uniform,symmetrical and equi-sided faces on the original faces of the selected object. Why? Easy to select a portion of the face to engrave a window or a door. How? Go to the “Specials menu” (Press W) and select “Subdivide”.I did this twice so that I can draw a window that hovers from the ground.
  • Now just choose the faces Extrude choose the axis and drag to engrave a window or a door.

So now the House is done come out of the Edit mode by pressing TAB or use the menu below…

For the base to that, the house does not end up hanging in mid air like this…Let me place a plane below!

(That’s the Blender Render Image…)

In order to make it seem that the house is standing on the plane that I am going to introduce, use the “Snap menu” (SHIFT+S) and select “Cursor to center”.

Now Insert a plane using the “Add menu” (SHIFT+A) and select “Plane”. Scale it to cover the entire plane (I think I used 8)

My personal Opinion this doesn’t look like a cube…

Blender Render Image

Cycles Rendered Image

Before I wrap this post up, I’ll write a little of what I managed to understand between “Blender Render” and “Cycles Render”

Rendering is the process of creating a 2D image of the 3D model. Blender creates this image by taking into account your model and all of your materials, textures, lighting and compositing. There are two main types of rendering systems built inside Blender Full/Quick render, and OpenGL render. (I am using quick render.)

Blender offers a choice of different rendering engines for producing images. The menu for selecting from these appears in the Info window (the thin one that contains the menu bar at the top of the default layout). In most of these tutorials, you will leave this choice set at Blender Render. But it is worth knowing what other choices are available:

  • Blender Render—the oldest renderer, commonly known as the Blender Internal renderer. Built into Blender right from its early days. Can still produce good results with the right tricks, but considered by the Blender developers to be antiquated and not worthy of continuing development.
  • Blender Game—this is the renderer used by the Blender Game Engine. Designed to be fast enough for interactive use in a game, which means there are limitations in the quality of renders it produces. You also use this renderer to create rigid-body physics simulations.
  • Cycles Render—Beginning with Blender 2.61 came to the new Cycles renderer. Its most important new feature is the more physically-accurate handling of lighting in the form of global illumination. What this means is that Cycles automatically implements subtle indirect-lighting effects, where light can bounce off a diffuse surface and provide some illumination to other diffuse surfaces nearby. And it doesn’t distinguish in its lighting calculations between “lamp” objects and non-lamp objects which have “emissive” materials; in Blender Internal, the latter does not provide any light to other objects, whereas in Cycles they do.
In a nutshell, Blender Render does not apply the human laws of physics for the lightings, unlike the Cycles Render.

I think I’ll colour the House in the next post and maybe also add a few animated objects…maybe *yawn…

5 thoughts on “Blender Post #3 Edit an existing object to create a something (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

  1. I am not really sure if I read that properly but did you just rant here on how annoying that cube is? And still manage to let me make sense outta this ? And those emoticons placed in between paragraphs, its like I get free pass to peek inside your head!!! God, you are hilariously cute l0l ^_^


  2. (⊃ω⊂) Haha… I am gonna take that as a compliment 。(*^▽^*)ゞ Not so sure about the cute part though?! Well I guess it is normal to call a girl cute… But I am pretty sure that it is not normal to assume that I am a girl or is it… Seriously what gives away my gender??? I don't remember specifying it any where over here (ಠ.ಠ) and apparently both the anonymous comment just happens to know my gender … *sigh

    But whatever it is I am really glad that you could make sense outta this !!! This really means a lot to me (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ and they are called kaomoji and not emoticons? (●o≧д≦)o They are Japanese and have been giving me the needed motivation to come up with ideas for the blog and honestly thank you for dropping a comment (。≧◇≦)ノ


  3. You do know that you have a pic of an anime gal as your dp right? How do you type all those *kaomoji*? ps:sorry for calling them as emoticons >=P


  4. Oh yeah my pic ! I did forget about that (⊃‿⊂) My deepest apologies for being such an air head ๑•́ㅿ•̀๑) ᔆᵒʳʳᵞ

    Well the Kaomoji, I have mentioned in one of my posts that I take them from a site Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑) It has categories and an option to create your own ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨ I have always liked it when I able to express myself on text with Unicode ↑_(ΦwΦ;)Ψ

    But I have heard that it doesn't show up properly on handheld devices? I use a PC so whatever I use will be best visible on a desktop. I tried loading the kaomoji ttf file on the header of this blog but turns out that the page load is too high. So I left it as it is. ¯\_(ಥ ‿ ಥ)_/¯

    PS: Glad that you are aware of it now φ(*⌒▽⌒)ノ


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