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Blender Post #2 Draw a new Object from scratch 乁[ᓀ˵▾˵ᓂ]ㄏ

[ ± _ ± ]

Assuming you have gone through the previous post, I am just gonna go ahead and use some of the terms I used before without bothering to explain about them… *sigh

Open  the Blender, what I have done is I managed to save my last  instance(a coloured cube and a cylinder?) and I selected another layer to start editing. A layer similar to that in a photoshop.You get to toggle between them and create independent objects/scenes in each of them.

As far as I have seen this is the easiest way to draw an object,ofc there is a more professional way of drawing an object,but for now, let’s get familiar with this way since my intention is to draw an object and not to create a scene…

Okay, so press Num 7 so that you can go to the top view (a view where the z axis does not play a major role).. I recommend this because it is easier to draw a 2D image that to start off with a 3D is a kind of personal preference, you can choose whatever you want

(**) 彡3


After you make sure that you selected the (somewhat useless) object and if you also happen to be in the edit mode then go ahead and either press the delete key or the key X. In the menu that appears click vertices (try clicking on the vertices in the image above… (⊃‿⊂))

After the image is gone, now in the top view mode I drew the following 4 point star by holding down the CTRL key and left-clicking the points.

Notice that I did not close the star and this was done intentionally. 

Because if you close the star you will end up having a redundant vertex which is not optimal. So what I am gonna do is, since blender is mostly used in image rendering , select 3 or at most 4 vertices by holding down the shift button and right-clicking the point that you want to consider as a surface/face and press “F” after you are done selecting the points. Click “A” to deselect the points and repeat the process till you have developed the surface for everything…

Now that I successfully managed to draw an object , let me go ahead and exploit a few possibilities having this as my base…

Ψ( ̄∀ ̄)Ψ

What I intend to make is a few layers of the same four-sided star with each star scaled to different sizes placed on each other and the stars arms are lifted upwards at different angles wrt the z-axis so that the end result can pass off as a very sharp ugly looking flower shaped 3D model…  to a partially blind man … *sigh

To attain this state I did the following:

  1. Went to Top Ortho view(Num 7)
  2. Pressed A to select the object
  3. Held down SHIFT+D and right-clicked on the window.(SHIFT+D is to make a duplicate of the selected object , and since this instance of the object follows the mouse until you click it to the position, I clicked as soon as I unheld the keys without moving the mouse because I wanted the duplicate to be on top of the original image.)
  4. While the duplicate image is selected ,In order to rotate the image I clicked “R” and moved the mouse to rotate the image accordingly and to scale down the image I clicked “S” and moved the mouse accordingly.
  5. While the transformed image was selected I redid the process: duplicate,rotate and scale.
  6. I did that until I got bored -.-

Now that the base is ready to let me lift the (They are henceforth deemed as petals by the one and only me…) petals so that it can pass off as a 3D Model.

  1. To select the point hold down SHIFT and right-click the point.
  2. In order to transform the point like I did , click G for grabbing the point and Z for locking the transformation onto the Z-axis.
  3. In order to achieve symmetry after pressing Z(to transform along the Z-axis), I enter the radians to which it is to alter (0.5) meaning that the petal(or the 4 star’s arm) is lifted in the Z-axis to 0.5 radians and press enter.
  4. Press A to deselect the point and repeat the process till all is done or till your patience runs out…*yawn

So the final product after performing the above-mentioned steps is pretty close to what I initially intended … hopefully?

Boy, that took longer than I expected…

(+.+)(-.-)(_ _) ..zz


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