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Rant Alert #3 (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

30 Posts and still on !!!!

I never thought that I could survive managing a blog (scheduling a post every 2 days) and still manage to juggle with my academic work in a stabilized manner!!! 
Maybe I should start randomizing my posting date…? just to help me figure out which I prefer the best  … *sigh
Let’s see, what do I have to post on today…


Since this is a post under Rant Alert(or Filler Post… in case I change my mind half way through… I still have no idea as to how they are different from each other… *sigh).. I think I’ll talk about the cleaning up I have done to attain this state… Ofc you won’t find anything useful here.. So I highly recommend you to skip this and move on… though it’s not like you would actually find anything useful anywhere here in the first place… *sigh

The Blog So far…

1) Starting at the basic… We have the colour changing background.

I don’t think I will remove that anytime soon since I really like how it turned out. In order to do that I used a custom background pic(preferably a designer transparent pattern kinda pic so that it will be easy on the eye…and coz plain color background color was just too plain even if it changes it color periodically) and then set the property of the background color to a javascript random color generator that I got from somewhere(I really don’t remember where..but If I do then I’ll put a link here maybe …)

2) Next on the list… We have the forever blinking stick man on the header.

This I might remove in case I stumble upon a better idea to convert to an header image… I kinda made this GIF from an online GIF maker…not sure if I have given the link before…(If I remember correctly I think I used paint to draw the image (¬‿¬) …) This was included by going to the layout division and including a pic..It’s pretty user friendly…just click and find your way out  … (ὸ⍸ό)✧

3) What else do I add… Oh yeah we have the chat room designed by Confaber.

This also I might remove in case I never manage to figure out how to enable the text in that message box or at least disable the signing in part to be able to draw something there…So that users can have user-defined name… And ofc… Please don’t mind those images that I drew there.. I really don’t know how to remove them also…(ʃ⌣́,⌣́ƪ)

4) And Finally… We have the Custom Fonts provided by Google Fonts.

This is an forever changing process since I am a little unstable with my decisions especially when there are just too many to choose from… (〠_〠) Just search for Google fonts and choose the fonts you want and add the link they provide to your website and maybe if you are as good as me your website will look as messy as mine…(〃´o`)=3


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