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Java Post #10 *I am gonna wrap up with Java since I feel that I have been spending too much time for this*


I am little outta words so bear with me…
I think that,one of the really unique things about computer programming is that, when you run your program for the first time, it’s not going to work. And you shouldn’t expect it to work… (Saves a lot of time wasted in frustration.. )
People generally get really frustrated, because that’s not something that they’ve seen in other places. And so my advice for anyone learning to computer program, whatever point you’re at, would be to move forward or stackoverflow

Initially I told myself (when I first started coding…like in the alpha days..) : 
  • It’s about writing code, and
  • Running a program, and 
  • Having it not compile. 
  • And not run. 
And while that can be really, really frustrating, when you move forward… you’ll see that bug ten times later and you will understand the reason behind that bug which had formed irrespective of your logic implementation. And you’ll be faster at recognizing it and going about with your recovery process in order to get the output for the logic that you have implemented. 
As time passes by, you don’t see those bugs and your program just runs, because you fundamentally understand the concepts and writting code just becomes like a second nature to you. And so. Just move forward and learn from your mistakes and be okay with this kind of incremental process.
And Really…Great job!!! Look at how much you’ve learned. You now know how to make objects from classes , how to call methods on them to make them do things,how to install 3rd party libraries and whatever else you could decipher from this mess of a site.
You might have also learned how to look up the documentation for classes and methods so you can find out what they can do and how to make them do it.
Also you’ve learned how to store objects and variables so that you can recall them when you need them.
Most importantly you’ve learned how to combine different objects in order to do more complicated things and speaking of complicated let’s not forget the OOP Jargon.

So that being said, and assuming that I have mentioned every thing necessary,let me disclose the winner of today’s lot picking…
And the lucky winner is … (´・ω・)っ由 

Big Data and Analytics


I hope I can deliver this a little less far-fetched than Java *sigh…


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