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Java Post #5 Java Coding ゞ(ↂ ω ↂ)ゞ

(ლ ۞ิ ჴ ۞ิ)ლ
I hope that was enough introduction in starting An oop only based language..A subtle reminder Python is also an OOP language..I just didn’t find it in me to explain those concepts and allocate time for that and miss out on the libraries.And this being dependent on classes(one of the major concepts of OOPS) I found it a bit of a necessity to spew out a few of them…
***A rather blatant note to all those who bother to decipher knowledge(or anything useful) from this mess… I am a little drained and a bit devoid of sleep… and I am just posting on a regular basis because I am not able to get proper sleep otherwise…My college work just shot up….and I am pretty panicky with all the work that is pending…with me here keying in a few words randomly ,to my brains content, in the hope that they make sense to a fellow human being … and probably failing miserably at that …* sigh ***
I guess the picture says it all… I kinda got it from google search…just like the others used in this blog…so it is actually someone else’s hard work

So yeah lets get down to actual coding… 

In the links that are provided I have included a few basic functionalities and most frequently asked basic java modules like find if the given string or numbers is palindrome or not?,generate armstrong number…and so on. Since these were my first actual java coding from ancient time..
Only the basics of the basics are put here like… simple I/O statements, classes, constructors, loops, conditionals, Exception handling,Threading,..Ill update here  when I update the folder as and when I can…


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