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Way of this post? like thing…(-_-)ゞ゛


( •_•)>⌐■-■


I’d like to start today by telling you how wonderful my life is…

I’d like to but…

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Last year I was searching for content on my project domain…and like most of us #ENGINEER’s who are very good at last minute work since not much time is available or the actually allotted time wasn’t used properly *sigh*. And majorly … the type of content that I searched for wasn’t available!!!That’s most probably because I never actually searched properly,or maybe google wasn’t all that supporting to my endeavors.. 


This was what I expected the net to feed me with…
  • A not so strict view of gradually developed and tested techies..
  • Condensed resources , enough to have a grasp at the basics of what I was searching for..and let me have the room for further development
  • The content should be free .. obviously since I am broke and not working … yet(hopefully)
  • Interactive …Virtually … Maybe
All in all I was hoping that I would stumble upon treasure that I could share amongst my virtual colleagues, but alas, all was in vain. Though I did get all my needed materials for the mini-projects, I was still a bit bummed about the days spent searching and the condensing to make it fairly relate-able *sigh*
Well anywhoo… all personalities aside I’d like to discuss about the ways of this blog and how it is planned to be maintained by the one and only me…


If I actually follow the plan that I have recently formulated, you can expect the following to be found here:
  • Posts, regarding all that I have collected and condensed regarding a well known technology,and spread it (equally maybe) over a period of 4+ weeks.
  • The 1st week would be where I post the Basics of the technology chosen by lot picking (literally) (´・ω・)っ由 
  • The 2nd would be where I dive into the not so advance concepts,and make sure that whoever reads it would understand the overall of the technology discussed.
  • The 3rd would be where I post additional functionalities …if any…that would help you realize what you might have picked up on the past 2 weeks,kinda like a overview or something maybe …
  • The 4th would be where I would give my resources and my projects if any and a link to the online repository in case it exists(GitHub or Google Drive) and announce what won the lot for the next 4 weeks 
So that being said, and assuming that I have mentioned every thing necessary,let me disclose the winner of today’s lot picking…

And the lucky winner is …



Well I was kinda hopping for … Oh well … never mind \(○^ω^○)/


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