I don’t know if you are gonna read through this long post or are just gonna skip right over just like I did a few moments ago (cause I am like that lazy to proofread). Following this is just gonna be some pointers compiled on what to expect from this blog. Meaning a little something about me and some heads-up on the mess my blog has created over here.


Hello there! I am pleased that you’d like to know a little about me as you continue reading my self-introduction hehe.. ?? My name is Steffin, born under the year of the Rat (1996). Almost all of my working social media profiles are connected here (frequently used are Blogger,Google, and FB) so connect to me maybe?


In under a para, I would say that I am a silent person who likes to be respected for what I stand for. I am a bit tech-crazed also , or at least that is what I believe that I am? I get easily swayed by the various kinds of knowledge that flow all around me. And well sometimes I loose track of what is going on in my mind( that happens when I am too tired but still interested in some new programming tech or a psychological tweak that I have managed to overlook before). So that’s about it I guess, If you think I should add more here then let me know maybe?

What will you find here?

Well, just a bunch of things I learnt on my own since the time the (family) desktop was enabled with WiFi. So far, I have jotted down a few languages and tools that I learnt from various sites (mentioned in those posts) and links to some working codes that I have done in those languages and IDE. And a few personal info, whenever I find it a necessity to stall the post to come up with something better.

How do you proceed from here?

For now (since I have plans to renovate this mess), try to locate the notebook on the top left corner of the page and click/press it. You will be shown with a page with my alphabetically ordered posts categorized under labels. Click on the links provided if you think it looks interesting enough?
(For desktop users though I have put a widget that shows chronologically ordered posts under months. So use the side arrows if you wish to know which comes after what?)

My Blogging Purpose

I have so many aspirations in life and to be a writer is one of them… Yes, I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to have a purpose, to share what I learned, to help, to be heard, to have a voice… like all writers do.

Blogging is a long time goal that I have been wanting to do but never thought that I would have the time or courage to execute it and now I am here on a roll after my 100th post putting up an official home page for this blog. Boy have I come a long way…

Please feel free to drop a comment or two, I’ll make sure that I get back to you in under a week or sooner.